Friday, September 15, 2006

Man Believes Hearing Voices Makes Him Genius

EoR feels you can never have enough magic woo machines. Eventually, every home will have one of these incredible devices and no one will ever get sick again and we will all be at one with god(dess) and living in total harmony and bliss. Incredible devices like those proffered by Pillar of Light, a site that promotes post-Darwinian and post-Newtonian science, leading to such amazingly modern new concepts as feng shui, divine inspiration, prayer, meditation, crystals, chakras (this system is so scientific the author has discovered four new chakras that no one else ever has before) and Energy & Vibration. [sic].

There's the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. A device inspired by god and Saint Germain and which is "compatible with the human aura". And what does our intrepid scientist exclaim when he perfects the metaphysical resonator? Eureka!, of course. More scientific information follows:

While communicating with his teachers & guides, Jack was taken in a visualization way back through time where he witnessed an ancient culture in an area that is now Bolivia. He noticed that everyone was wearing a hat or Skull Cap with a particular symbol made of some kind of metal on top. When Jack asked what this was, he was told thataaeons ago, mankind had once been able to receive high frequency GOD energies directly without needing interpretation or transformation. Then came a time that mankind "Fell from Grace" as many metaphysical sources tell, and that we could no longer receive these high frequency GOD energies as a collective whole. So in this ancient culture, the Shamans of the time were given the Symbol to be placed on the Skull Cap and worn by its citizens. This Symbol acted as a Step Down Transformer and converted full wave God energies to half wave that the people could receive and let in. It was a way of staying in touch with divine intelligence. Jack was instructed to make his Triad Antenna in the form of this ancient Symbol on their Skull Caps. He did so. Not only was the symbol shape needed but that Germanium Diodes and Amethyst would be necessary for adapting the signals coming and going through the symbol to the electronics of the VRCR.

EoR wonders why "god" energy is only twice the frequency of "human" energy? Hardly an omnipotent omniscient power level.

We are also informed, rather ominously,

Jack has so many stories, most of which are not written down at all.

Thank god for that! How much deranged quantum woo gibberish can one man spout, you ask? Well, even more than this (and EoR's giving only the heavily abridged version, the pages on this site go on and on and on - lots of word but no logic or sense).

What about the Dual Vortex Structured Water Machine which does something to do with "Dr" Emoto and his magic water pictures but EoR couldn't figure out what because his head was hurting so much by this stage. Though it does seem to be modelled heavily on Orac (this Orac, not that Orac).

Would anyone be surprised that this magic scientist recommends What the bleep do we know? as supporting evidence? How surprising. A mishmash of fictional and deluded ideas being offered to support machines made from a mishmash of fictional and deluded ideas.

Nonetheless, this man not only understands biology, electronics, chakras, auras, god and water, but also, apparently, string theory and the multidimensional mathematics required to explain it (which is way beyond EoR's mathematical skills). Why isn't this tremendously talented man Emperor of the Universe (except the voices probably tell him he already is)? And why can't the voices tell him how to spell Buddha correctly?

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