Thursday, September 14, 2006

The State Of Astrology

Never let it be said that astrologers are living in the past. Okay: astrologers are living in the past. still has a page on the astrological significance of the planets, as well as selected non-planets such as Pluto (well, only one non-planet - what about all the other Kuiper Belt Objects or the asteroids or the Oort Cloud?).

Pluto symbolizes the capacity to change totally and forever a person's lifestyle, thought and behavior.

Such as the changes astrologers have to make every time a new planet is announced, and every time a planet is demoted...


  1. I think someone has drunk from the fountain of amnesia. There's more to Pluto than this hot air.

  2. Like your hot air? EoR enjoys all these different fictional astrologies, even though they're all correct. Perhaps you'd like to enquire about Mr Randi's $1000000 if you're so certain of your "facts".


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