Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homeopathic Hospitals Diluted

We all know how homeopaths are so proud of being supported by elite scientific figures (such as Prince Charles) and also like to claim legitimacy since they have five whole "homeopathic" hospitals in the UK. Well, sadly, it's now four. A campaign to Save Our Magic Delusions has been started to preserve this bastion of alternative reality.

[A spokesman for the Primary Care Trust] explained that the hospital as a whole was not facing closure, just the homeopathy department. The hospital also houses community paediatrics and a child and adolescent mental health service. Mr Thallon said in future all patients referred for homeopathy would be considered by a special panel to ensure their treatment was appropriate. "Homeopathy has been around since the 18th Century and has got a large body of very convinced adherents, but in the era of evidence-based medicine it's beginning to struggle a little bit, so I'm afraid that we're reflecting this in our decision."

This is obviously terrible news. Closing down a whole department that relies on magical nonsense and nonexistent remedies in favour of that nasty stuff like paediatrics and mental health. How could they? EoR also enjoyed the Primary Care Trust's spokesman's none-too-subtle dig at homeopathy: belief is not evidence, and this is no longer the 18th century (only in the minds of homeopaths do these two statements still retain validity). How could anyone perpetrate this travesty solely because there's no evidence for homeopathy?

EoR hopes everyone will calm down. He can't even see what the problem is. For a start, the homeopaths should be happy they're getting less money. Doesn't homeopathy teach that diluted substances are more powerful? So less money should actually go further. And surely they never need to get any more supplies in until the heat death of the universe? They can just go on diluting all the ones they've already got. For ever and ever and ever.

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