Saturday, May 20, 2006

Top Secret Knowledge - Only Available to Those with Money

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui* appears to be branching out from the multifarious income streams generated by his Pranic Healing conglomerate, and is now offering spiritual wisdom from both a Christian and a Buddhist perspective.

Such knowledge is very special
Only Very High Lamas hold the Healing Buddha Empowerment or Initiation as it is kept very secret and it is transmitted but to the rare few.

Or to those enlightened newage souls who are already so far advanced on the path to buddhahood that they have $A250. Incidentally, the photo of "Monks giving pranic healing to each other" looks, to EoR's jaded eyes, as monks practising religious disputation. He certainly can't see any auras.

GM Choa Kok Sui will teach What Buddha Really Taught, including such principles as
life is a series of attachment and de-attachment - a skill that allows one to practice high spirituality, compassion towards all, yet not be "sucked in" to peiple's emotional and social chaos.

That's attachment and detachment (EoR is shocked at the GM's spiritually appalling attitude to grammar, English and spelling) in the sense that the GM detaches your cash and attaches it to his bank account. He also has the gall to have himself photographed in front of a statue of the Buddha performing the mudra for protection. He also promises
In every course he teaches there is always experiential segments to ensure that the students are clear about the technique and demonstrates experiments along with many anecdotal stories.

EoR thinks the emphasis is probably on the "experiential" and the "anecdotal" with the "experiments" glossed over. He'd love to see the "experiments" (or even just the published results) but he balks at spending huge amounts of money to support an already wealthy guru.

*"Grandmaster" as in "I'm a grandmaster because I've appointed myself one".

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