Thursday, May 11, 2006

The 34th Skeptics' Circle: Critical Thinking Crystallised.

Eor surveys the Wonderful World of Crystals, and receives some interesting etheric vibrations as a result. By applying the higher vibrational properties of these gems to his chakras he received contact with various arcane and occult information previously only held in the Akashic archives. As the world moves into a new quantum consciousness paradigm, where science has now conclusively proven the existence of qi, water memory, ghosts and fluffy blue rectal fairies, this information can now be released publicly. Om.

Note: as the original site that EoR ripped these pictures off from points out,
If a crystal or stone gives you a different "vibration" as to what it should mean, then go by what you feel. Other divination meanings can be given to these stones. You don't have to be restricted as to its symbolic meaning. The power that any stone has is the power that your psychic energy gives it. That's what really counts.

Onyx: Dispels stress, anxiety, helps physical pain, attains goals. Clark Bartram at Unintelligent Design corrects some delusional thinking about alternative medicine.
Rhodochrosite: Helps oppressed feeling, heals the earth, calming energy. Orac at Respectful Insolence advises everyone to be a celebrity nutritionist, marry a porn star! and incidentally shows how the alties have now advanced their science up to the 16th century. Only a little way to go to catch up to the rest of us.
Lepidolite: Brings out very deep rooted emotions. Tara C Smith at Aetiology considers whether a new study shows HIV isn't sexually transmitted?.
Fluorite: Keep one nearby where you work, bring one with you when you expect to be around negative people. Meanwhile, Ben Goldacre at Bad Science reports on a mercury poisoning study that no one else has reported on: and now the news.
Bloodstone: Self image, asssist achieving potential. Ballastexistenz discusses why judging people with disabilities by the abilities of others is wrong in Looking away from the keyboard: Debunking the debunkers. EoR touchtypes.
Amazonite: Transmits energy, clarity and knowledge. Dad of Cameron at Autism Street is amused but unpersuaded by the sCAM, skeptics, and chickens involved in an alternatista's argument for "other ways of knowing".
Garnet: Promotes dynamic ideas, eliminates self deceit. Michael Nilsen at xenophile reveals what happens when alternative medicine meets Xenu.
Carnelian: Activate other crystals. Jef Clark at Humbug! Online discusses the differences between philosophical skepticism vs pragmatic skepticism. And don't mention solipsists.
Chrysocalla: Magical understanding of Higher things. Beep Beep of Beep! Beep! It's Me looks at the philosophical basis of skepticism, and surveys some famous dead skeptics.
Amethyst: Uplifting of the spirit, engages courage, level mindedness, return to reality. Plittle at Aurora Walking Vacation tells us of "I Superman" and what a flying man has to tell us about god.
Hematite: Eases depression, dispels nightmares. Skeptico at Skeptico analyses one of the world's best psychics and awards him points for every hit in John Edward re-revisited. Hint: like Anthony Grzelka the guesses and the successes are the same, and just as impressive.
Rose Quartz: Improves speech, mirrors the soul, increases perception. Cfeagans at Hot Cup of Joe discusses embellishments of memory: the unreliable nature of eyewitness testimony in the context of countless UFO sightings.
Apache Tear: Attuning with oneself or another, inner wisdom. The Bad Homeopath willingly undertakes a course in homeopathy to bring us the wonders of how hompeopathic medicines work. The Bad Homeopath is also a member of the UK Skeptics.
Calcite: Open doors to knowledge and wisdom. Edwardson at Hokum-Balderdash Assay asks what would you do to save your child. Woo or science? Or woo and science?
Blue Chalcedony: One can focus their desires through this stone, visual images in the mind are transformed into universal messages. Sean at God is for Suckers! takes a look at really truly authentic absolute proof of aliens: Greetings! I travelled a thousand light-years to peer up your ass!.
Clear Quartz: Facilitates visualization of wearer and healing properties. Prometheus at A Photon in the Darkness commences his survey of the 7 major thinking errors of highly amusing pseudoscientists.
Citrine: Guards against excess. Lord Runolfr at The Saga of Runolfr discusses the wizard's first rule.
Smoky Quartz: Helps choice making, stimulates intellect, brings good luck to warriors. Hell's Handmaiden at hell's handmaiden takes to task Alvin Plantinga... hmm, never really liked Plantinga where philosophy and ID collide.
Jade: Assists the conscious mind and body in analyzing conditions and situations in a rational and non-emotional manner. Jeff Paredo at The Big Picture lets us read his creationist correspondence in AiG response -- and my response to it.
Obsidian: Past life access, communication, teaching, kundalini. BigHeathenMike at Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant states "I was working on a flat tax proposal, and I accidentally proved there's no god." after an encounter with Dr Dino.
Peridot: Helps locate connection between thought and physical illnesses. John Wilkins at Evolving Thoughts shows that many logical fallacies do not a scientific argument make. How many fallacies can ID pack in one article?.
Lapis Lazuli: Enables communication from other realms in the universe. Mark Chu-Carroll at Good Math, Bad Math finds the Young Earth Creationists all at c when he looks at relativity and young earth bogosity.
Agate: Protective, guards against bad vibes. Brian from Backseat Driving discusses the 9/11 conspiracy and the math of the Twin Tower collapses. Not myth. Math.
Green Aventurine: A filter and trap for those negative thoughts and emotions that are everywhere present. Nick Terry at Holocaust Controversies disagrees with a holocaust denier (well, a minimiser) in Arolsen: AAARGH, all those names.... over the true numbers of the disappeared.
Malachite: Connecting with the Universal source of knowledge. Thursday at Polite Company provides some hands-on experimentation exploring sex: sexes, battle of the.
Moonstone: Wards off fear forms that are generated from others. GrrlScientist at Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) is amazed at Money magazine's view of someone's fantasy world.

The next Skeptics' Circle will be hosted by Skeptico on 25th May 2006. Send your submissions to skeptico[at]skeptico[dot]net. The full schedule of hosts is also available.

[Update: table issued fixed - thanks to Sergey Romanov and Tim Lambert]


  1. Dude! You totally nailed my birthstone. You must be psychic.

  2. EoR has exactly the same psychic skills as all those shysters claiming money for it.

    However, I am getting something about someone withe a "M" about you. Does that mean anything to you. Mary? Margaret? Mark? Matthew?

  3. I was just thinkng about you - what synchronicity! It must be all this time I am spending in the belly of the Bosnian Pyramid!

  4. Great job EoR - Beautiful images!

  5. By restricting yourself to 'M' you've only managed to squeeze two of the gospels in there. Wait, were you talking about the picture of the kid on my front page? Yeah, I have no idea who that is. I found that picture in a random search of google images.

  6. Of course. It'll be someone with an M in their name. Or who knows someone with an M in their name. EoR's psychic accuracy rate is proved again.

  7. Nice spot of quarrying there. It rocks!

  8. Great.

    Now I want links to the geology of each of these stones; you know, see how they were all formed, where they're located, etc.

    Goes to show that some folks are just NEVER satisfied!

    Looks fantastic, EoR!

  9. You missed the chance to create a furor over the use of Malachite as a deadly terrorist weapon, since the dust from grinding/polishing the gem is highly toxic, must be ground under running water and could potentially be used to eliminate THOSE WHO DISAGREE WIT US,,,

    Wow, what a powerful gem,,,

    Gary 7

  10. lol! amusing site... I googled chrysocalla to find out PHYSICAL properties, however!


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