Thursday, May 18, 2006

Drumming Up Business

Tuesday's Mind&Body supplement in the West Australian seems to be becoming the healthy eating guide, covering as it does such topics as wheat grass (a report of Choice magazine's findings that wheat grass contained less vitamins and minerals than 30g of cooked spinach and broccoli, and no or inconclusive evidence as to its cancer prevention/curing abilities), the importance of good diet to prevent depression (which almost makes sense until towards the end the promoter of this topic starts talking about "imbalance" and "dis-ease". In the final paragraph it is evident this is an advertorial since the promoter's seminar is pushed, in which foods that help "mental clarity", amongst other things, will be revealed), weight control for kids (the next big epidemic appears to be childhood obesity, but EoR wonders whether the true cause is mercury in vaccines; after all, the obesity problem has only appeared since the introduction of childhood vaccination), and "Does milk make you sick?" in which a naturopath links "diarrhoea, constipation or muscle pain" to, and only to, lactose intolerance.

As a break from this food-inspired madness, "Get Into the Beat" promotes the positive benefits of drumming by a member of a drumming group which runs "corporate drumming workshops".
Working in a drumming circle is a freeform, improvisational and non-judgmental space to make strong spiritual connections. [...] Mr Koresis says drumming engages the right and left side of the brain and helps with co-ordination. It can also release serotonin and endorphins. Drumming also releases interleukin-2, a protein made by the body that causes infection-fighting cells to multiply.

EoR wonders why, since sex also involves a repetitive, rhythmic activity that engages the right and left sides of the brain, and releases endorphins, that there aren't more corporate sexual intercourse workshops. It would make a change from the normal corporate screwing that most staff get.

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