Friday, May 26, 2006

More on The Towers of Terror

The science correspondent on Tony Delroy's Nightlife program on the ABC on Tuesday reported some updates to the RMIT Phone Towers of Terror Saga.

She pointed out various salient points that would lead one to believe that the original reports were a bit of a beat up and scare mongering by the press. Buildings, for example, are made of concrete and steel and tend to be good shielders of Electromagnetic Energy (hence the difficulty getting a good mobile phone signal in them). Mobile phone towers are designed to radiate energy outwards, not downwards (since that is a waste of power).

She also pointed out that a plethora of various tests have been conducted at RMIT, all of them inconclusive, or not finding any source of danger.

As she also pointed out, such clusters of brain tumours are hardly ever sourced to a cause (if there is a cluster occurring, since humans, being pattern observing animals often see patterns where there are none - and often in workplaces that are already stressed). Also that many many studies have been conducted into the Evil Energies of mobile phones, and none have found a cancer causing effect.

She also pointed out how this panic could lead people to taking unnecessary CAT scans (with the inherent irradiation of these people for real) which could well find small anomalies, leading to people having completely unnecessary surgery.

EoR expects none of this to be reported in the mainstream press, since unproven and unfounded scare stories sell more papers. One shouldn't let science and common sense affect reporting or the public.

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