Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trust Me, I'm An Alternative Therapist

From the West Australian last Thursday:
Sex frees evil spirits. A Malaysian housewife says a bogus spiritual medium duped her into having sex
with him 51 times as the only way to exorcise her evil spirits. The 41-year old woman, who sought the man's help after he claimed to be able to heal her from her numerous ailments, says she was told that she had many evil spirits in her, the Star daily reported. The medium, who claims to be the reincarnation of a a god, allegedly hypnotised her into having sex
with him 51 times over a period of six months. The victim was also told to pay up to $17 for each "exorcism" session. The woman's husband eventually discovered the sexual exorcism encounters and lodged a report with a local complaints bureau.

A tantalisingly incomplete report. EoR wonders: were her ailments relieved by the vigourous physical therapy? How was she 'duped' 51 times? How does the therapy actually work? EoR presumes something about activation of qi meridians and acupressure points. Or it could just be standard boring old Sex Magick. And $17 seems like a pretty good price. At least the therapist was actually doing something, unlike aura cleansers and homeopaths etc.

EoR is reminded that, unlike doctors who work with real dangers such as surgery and drugs, the largest number of complaints about alternative practitioners relate to "inappropriate touching". Gentle yes. Noninvasive? EoR doesn't think so.

Hopefully, the god/medium/therapist will be able to utilise the recently unemployed psychic Phillipines judge to assist him in his defence.

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