Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Those who can, do. Those who can't, spam.

EoR is being spammed by the Back on Your Feet Natural Health Clinic, an organisation he would have remained blissfully unaware if not for the confused attempts to spam a woo clinic on a sceptical blog. Some alties just don't have a clue.

Nonetheless, EoR was delighted to expand his knowledge of the wonders of homeopathy. For example, EoR had mistakenly assumed that homeopathy was not accepted by real medicine because it conflicted with all known rules of physics, and because it performed no better than a placebo. In reality, it is because the consultations take longer.

A typical appointment with a homeopath does take about an hour, however, and that is one reason why this science has always existed on the fringes of mainstream society. Its cures are highly efficient, but when it comes to individual appointments, they do take time.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was not only the genius who invented homeopathy, but he apparently also had a time machine in his basement.

When homeopathy originated, in the fifteen hundreds, it became immediately popular with royal and aristocratic families.

It seems it was the aristocracy who were the only people able to take advantage of the wonders of woo, but you don't need to worry because we're all the equivalent of royalty these days.

Today, we often think of the old-world existence of royalty as a “life of leisure,” but in truth, without any modern appliances or conveniences, and with states and principalities to manage, these nobles were busy individuals. A more realistic assessment of their lives would be to say that in terms of free time and income, they compared to the lives of the middle class today. Although we do all different kinds of work now, it is not usually the sun-up to sun-down toil that characterized the days of the peasants, so many of us, like the royals and aristocrats of old, have a lifestyle that is also conducive to reaping the benefits of homeopathy.

That sounds like spin for "people with disposable income can spend it on useless remedies".

EoR also thought that headaches and neck pain were caused by invisible subluxations that could only be cured by the amazing manipulations of chiropracters, but he was mistaken about this as well.

Headaches, Upper back and Neck pains are more often than not due to an attack of wind.

At this time of year when we go outside into the cold, the westerly winds attack us like a knife in the back. If your body is weak the wind will get under the skin lodging itself into the muscles. The muscles will spasm to stop further penetration into the body. Once in spasm, the muscles will pull the vertebras out of alignment impinging on the nerves and give you neck pain.

With this neck pain you are most likely to experience headaches as well. If the headache is caused by wind it usually feels like a clamp or a wet towel tightly rapped around the head. You’ll feel dizzy, blurry and have heavy eyelids as if you need sleep. You’re likely to have a runny nose and tension at the back of your head, just below the skull. (This area is called the wind gate because it’s where the wind enters)

This can be avoided by wearing a towel around the shoulders at all times. Should that fail, cupping, acupuncture and herbs will cure it, especially since the evil wind can be so insidious:

It can dive 6 levels into the body, all the way to the bone marrow. If it gets there, you will be in a lot of pain and no matter what you do to get warm it won’t work. At this stage you will need herbs for sure. So don’t let it get there!

Of course, no good altie lets their propaganda go by without a call to spam further:

Feel free to pass this on to a friend or love one. And if your friend wants to receive these articles please ask them to submit their details

EoR trusts the Back on Your Feet Natural Health Clinic is happy now it has received suitable recognition. And, since they consider The Second Sight to be a "nice blog. Good information" that they will now shut up shop.

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  1. I received the spam from the same mob on two of my posts last week. I checked the link but have neither time nor inclination at the moment to look into their nonsense so I just deleted the comments.

    Thanks for following through for us all.


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