Thursday, October 07, 2010

Natural and healthy

Goodbye Charlie.

A chimpanzee famous for smoking cigarettes has died at a South African zoo, aged 52.

Charlie the chimp started smoking when some visitors to Mangaung zoo, in Bloemfontein, threw him lit cigarettes.


Mr Khedama said he did not believe the addiction had ended Charlie's life prematurely, as he had lived around 10 years longer than the average chimp.

Which just goes to prove those assertions made by doctors that smoking is good for you. Since smoking has now clearly been demonstrated to increase life expectancy by 25%, EoR expects that smoking as a natural, healthy alternative to pills will form part of Dr Dingle's seminars on "How to live to 101 happily and healthily".


  1. He keeps deleting my comments, I don't know why!

  2. So...smoking is good for you, but makes you smell like a chimp. What's the problem? I mean, unless you object to smelling like a chimpanzee...


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