Saturday, October 30, 2010

The future is homeopathic

EoR has been succumbing to nostalgia and watching Blakes 7 again after the thirty odd year since it first aired here and has been awed by the changes that the future will bring...

As the show's title indicates, the debate over just where the possessive apostrophe goes will be over and done with.

The control centres of spaceships will be illuminated with flashing disco lights.

Epaulettes will not only be in, but only the gauche will be seen without them.

A man with big epaulettes.

Bondage gear will also be an option. Especially for anti-hero Avon.

Avon. Oh, and more epaulettes

And especially Federation troopers.

Tie me up TrooperWear

The problems of overly complex computer operating systems will be realised, and all computers will operate on a much simplified OS based, apparently, on a Sinclair ZX80 ("smeti wen" indeed).

We don't need no stinking GUI

And then, of course, there's the uber-Thatcherite Servalan.

Servalan about to conquer a disco

And homeopathy will be accepted.

FORBUS: Pylene-50 used homeopathically, is simply a muscle relaxant. Sleer discovered that hundred times normal dosage totally subverts the will, tried to force me to part with the formula. I refused. I didn't understand Sleer's nature then. Totally callous savage ambition. There is a poison called Tincture of Pyrellic. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Oh, and Servalan. And how Mary Whitehouse let the BBC get away with this shot is anyone's guess...

The galaxy conquering power of Servalan's nipple(Click to reveal the full power of Servalan's galaxy conquering nipple.)

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