Saturday, October 02, 2010

Global warming science demolished. Again.

What is it with geologists being an apparent majority of the scientifically literate who deny global warming? Bob Carter is one such example, now with his new book which he is spruiking. Hopefully titled Climate: The Counter-Consensus the book is lauded as

The counter-consensus to quasi-scientific hype and induced panic on climate change is at last assembling. Climate: the Counter Consensus examines, with thoroughness and impartial expertise, the so-called facts of global warming that are churned out and unquestioningly accepted, while the scientific and media establishments stifle or deride any legitimate expression of an opposing view.

Bob Carter is anything but impartial, as Sourcewatch notes, being a member of various right wing organisations. It's also laughable that dissent against the accepted view is somehow being 'stifled' by huge interest groups. If that were so, how could this book be published? How is it possible for this public launch? Why is it available on Why is the massive global cover-up so damn inefficient? Those organising the Global World Communist Government demand answers!

EoR has also previously noted how global warming deniers manage to maintain contradictory viewpoints (rather like alties). Such as the fact that there is no consensus and, even if there were, because some people (including some scientists — of which some are even climate scientists) disagree, then the whole edifice of global warming science is destroyed.

Ah, but a 'counter-consensus' (which is a strange term in itself — are its proponents arguing for a consensus for something else, or simply saying there is a consensus and they are 'counter' to it — so their sole purpose is to be against something?) is a good thing, and the fact that the majority of climate scientists don't support that 'counter-consensus' doesn't destroy the whole edifice of global warming denial.

It's a strange, contradictory world in the mind of the denier.

Edit: More about Bob Carter's egregiousness on today's Science Show.


  1. "What is it with geologists ... who deny global warming" I think some of them have spent decades fighting against "greenies" to be allowed to mine minerals, and so they see AGW as just another "greenie" argument that they have to fight. I am pretty sure this applies to Ian Plimer. I don't know so much about Bob Carter.

    Arguments against mining have often (but not always) been weak or irrational or nature as religion.

  2. Geologists are also often employed by mining companies, or have similar conflicts of interest (Ian Plimer is one such).


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