Monday, October 11, 2010

Illusory circles

Crop circles have long ago been debunked as artful pranks but, like the meme that mercury causes cancer, magical beliefs about them continue to persist.

So Jeremy Ball presents a mish-mash of spirituality and misinformation in the latest Nova under the heading of From Animal to Hu-Man.

Despite all of man's [sic] achievements in science, medicine and building and in reaching great spiritual heights, we all have animalistic tendencies, which have come out to devastating effects. [...] Well, if what prophecies tell us — and many of the signs around back them up — we are in the final days of the animal cycle. [...] Just like a spacecraft, turning at right angles before making a dimensional shift, we will lift out of the suit of base reactions, which served us well for this last cycle, leaving it behind for a new skin of lighter purer qualities. We are living in those days.

EoR has never seen a spacecraft make a dimensional jump, except in the realms of fantasy, which is pretty much where this article is based.

Crop circles are some sort of special sign from the "Great Spirit". But hang on, what about those tiresome naysayers?

I won't bother to address the doubters of crop circles because it is so obviously a true phenomenon that to cast out all crop circles as false is akin to arguing that the world is flat.

Take that, sceptics! So much for the new age when all will be lightness and fluffiness and inclusiveness. Anyway, EoR has never heard any sceptics claim crop circles are false. Where does Mr Ball get that idea from?

Crop circles, Mr Ball informs us, are some sort of chakra-energising glyphs that act in the way advertising "can program and affect our consciuosness". EoR wonders if crop circles are actually saying something like "Eat at Milliways"?

The South West of England has a hub of many energy channels and the Druidic culture that lived there performed many practices to keep the energy channels opening, flowing and evolving. They involved creating stone circles to augment the process, much like acupuncture can do for the qi meridians in your body. It is around these stone circles that many crop circles appear. The Druids worked in conjunction with extra terrestrial/higher dimensional beings to create the stone circles and it is these same beings who are involved in the crop circles.

EoR is getting rather tired by this stage of everything being "like" acupuncture.

Apart from having a flaky grasp of history (Druids flourished during the Iron Age while stone circles were built during the earlier Megalithic period, but EoR presumes if they had extraterrestrial engineering and project management assistance they may have also used those Super-Duper Acme™ Alien Time Travel Machines) this is the standard line pushed by von Daniken and his disciples: that humanity is basically stupid and incapable of anything. So much so that they can only create stone circles, pyramids, civilisation etc etc with alien help. This is a deeply depressing view of humanity when it is examined, and EoR much prefers the sense of wonder engendered from understanding that around 50 thousand years ago, humanity expanded its cognitive abilities and became capable of expressing itself in many ways, culturally, socially and mechanically.

Not for Mr Ball, though.

The crop circles in England this year have been astonishing in their intricacy and directness of message. Rather than being mere geometric expression, they are clearly pointing to an ascension process that the earth and us as cells in her body are going through.

What sort of circles do you see in this image? Wavy lines?

Circle illusion

They are, in fact, perfect circles, but human perception distorts what you are seeing.

Interpretation requires caution.

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