Thursday, October 14, 2010

Religious extremists seeking to destroy fabric of Australian society

Lines are being drawn. The burqa is a weapon against women. Ban the burqa! When three of the more alarming Islamist apologists cannot give a straight answer to even one simple question about the burqa, repeatedly turning it instead into an attack on the West, what hope of an honest discussion on, say, terrorism?

Burqas are Un-Australian. They oppress women. They are worn by terrorists. They are used to hide bombs. They are confonting. This evil must stop — even now a group of religious fundamentalists who believes in a religiously based legal system that is "all-encompassing of the human condition" is trying to promote their beliefs in an attempt to destroy the wonderful homogeneity of our Land, and pollute our precious bodily fluids by publicly worshipping this woman:

Is this the sort of Australia you want to see? This is what our streets will look like:

Is this the sort of thing our forefathers envisioned when they settled and developed this vacant country to create the wonderful society we have today?

Note: Yes, EoR realises that Bolt, and journalists in general, doesn't distinguish between the burqa, the hijab, the niqab and the chador.


  1. Is the habit required of the many, or the few?

  2. I'm not impressed that ABC are broadcasting the "beatification" live on T.V. :-(

  3. Maybe the vatican will miraculously reveal why she was excommunicated!


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