Thursday, September 30, 2010


Helen Frost has been keeping a relatively low media profile of late, and EoR had suspected she'd gone away, but it appears she's still pushing her particular worldview to schools and anyone else who thinks the appellation "Nutrition Educator" actually indicates any sort of training, qualification or skills in that area.

Given her preternatural obsession with faeces (or 'poo' as she terms it) EoR couldn't help clicking on the link to find out What Poo Type Are You? to be sadly disappointed that the page consists only of this:

What Poo Type Are You? Special Report

Coming Soon

EoR imagines Helen Frost is closeted away somewhere private, straining mightily to produce a movement of great import.

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy various madnesses, here is Helen Frost's Poo Fairy Song (543 kB).

One type of giant turd

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