Friday, September 24, 2010

That Inner Chocolatey Glow...

Radium chocolate
Mmmm... Chocolate... Laced with radium... What could be better, or healthier?

Is a rejuvenation of the body possible?

Numerous scientists have struggled with this issue. In various ways previous efforts have been attempted. High hopes have been fulfilled only to a small extent. That is why people have become more or less dulled against rejuvenation commendations.-All relevant sections of science agree, however, in the view that rejuvenation is only possible from the inside out. The organs of the body - when allowed to purify themselves - are then returned to their normal activities. The complex chemical factory - termed 'body' - works quietly and safely, health and youth are restored. So, the toxins, acid residue, deposits in the chemical centers of the body, in the cells and humour channels - these are what interfere with the operation of the works, causing disease and age. Our lifestyles, our work, food and drink favor the occurrence of such imbalances - If it would be presumptuous even to think that we can eventually extend life to infinity, then nature gives us some hint for the preservation of life, and the art of researchers, the sons of nature, have in hot rings have many secrets Unveiled and opened our eyes to great progress. One of these discoveries, the full significance of which only future generations will see clearly, was the discovery of radium by Madame Curie, Paris.

Radium is an all-pervading primal force element.

All the energies of the soul of the world are contained contained in it. Testing the healing power of radium is considered the foremost duty of medicine and chemistry. It has been found that, for example, radioactive water delivered to the various organs of the body promotes activity, thus truly having a rejuvenating effect. Now it has been possible to produce radium, this precious material is also available as a nutrient. The renowned food chemist Dr. Senftner, Berlin, has taken a patent on a method to actively bind radium to chocolate. It is known that chocolate is one of the highest quality nutrients and stimulants. To join such components to miraculous radium, was certainly a great idea. And it's lucky for the healthy and sick that the world has in the patented process with the quality of their famous products, led to the cocoa and chocolate factory Burk & Braun in Cottbus implementing the practice.

Burkbraun-radium chocolate for eating and drinking is made of delicious ripe cocoa beans. The radium is added in an absolutely clean way keeping the taste. The secret of their rapid, instant action is based on the fact that radium come from this precious chocolate without delay into the bloodstream and so in all the organs, into the central nervous system, in the glands, the nerves, to the last branchings and cells. The health-giving, health-preserving, rejuvenating effects of Burkbraun-RADIUM-CHOCOLATE is thus quite sure. Therefore: You too can enjoy it regularly or for breakfast, dinner, travelling and sports.

If you're healthy, so you keep this precious commodity, if you're suffering, you can raise your chances of being healthy again!

Of course, back in the early twentieth century, the somewhat deleterious effects of radium on the body were not known, but that still didn't stop the quacks selling it as the new miracle product to eliminate toxins from the body, restoring the body's natural healing ability, and increasing its health and vitality.

Which are still the same buzzwords used for any new research that might hint at health. Antioxidants, for example. Or astragalus to stop aging even though that, too, might actually lead to an increase in cancer.

As this quaint page of bizarre products shows, the wonder cure radium was used in toothpaste, water, suppositories ("A man must be in a bad way indeed to sit back and be satisfied without the pleasures that are his birthright!") and in many other ways. Who knows. In a hundred years, there may well be a similar page showcasing Photonic Therapy, EMF Blockers, detox foot pads, various biofeedback devices, Q-Link pendants and sundry other current miracle marvels.

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