Thursday, September 23, 2010

Save The Monckton

Please help Christopher Monckton. His arguments against global warming have, yet again, been claimed to be unscientific political arguments by people whose sole claim to do so is that they are climate scientists (as if that mattered), the UK House of Lords have taken the unusual step of actually ordering him not to call himself a member of their institution, and his political party (the Ukip — something like the UK equivalent of our own dear Citizens Electoral Council) made no impact in the recent UK elections.

Please don't leave it to the valiant and committed few, like Senator Cory Bernardi (who is fighting against the coming World Communist Government and to maintain our sovereign right to spend more on defence than children's welfare). Stop the unending river of grants that are flowing to lying climate scientists who are only in it for the money.

What with the CEO of the world's largest miner calling for a carbon tax as well as the OECD, the lunacy that is Christopher Monckton is endangered. Help preserve this gentle harmless creature, so that future generations can also revel in his wonderful confabulatory lies as he rolls his eyes in that inimitable way. How can we deny the world the subtle beauty of his considered, literate arguments?

One of the lead authors is currently under criminal investigation for alleged fabrication of results: another has been caught out in repeated lies: a third admits to suffering a mental disability: and many of the scientists whom these lead authors invited to contribute are among the long-discredited clique of Climategate emailers.

Soon, atmospheric physicists will be too scared to publish their Nobel-quality demolitions of evolution (since evilution is also part of the Global Scientific Conspiracy — affiliated with the Church of Global Warming). Those without the undaunted bravery and manliness of Lord-of-the-Universe and Curer-of-All-Known-Diseases Monckton are being forced into hiding in such squalid locations as a villa opposite Cap Ferrat.

Act now, before it's too late.

Remember, the more we promote this shining exemplar's visionary and singular opinions, the sooner we can get the rest of the world to believe it:

A tendency to be swayed by biases in the external samples of information can also affect memory and judgment processes. For example, if the public read, or hear opinions from climate change skeptics about 50% of the time then this could lead to a bias in the perception of the balance of evidence in the minds of the public - that the science is only about 50% certain.

Once the Monckton is gone, there will be no one left to award Nobel prizes to.

Climate Scientists Respond

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