Wednesday, September 01, 2010

EoR Answers A Reader's Query

Dear Eor,

I have dreams about you every night. What does this mean?


Dear Troubled,

According to the always reliable and authoritative Kickapoo Indian Dream Book, dreaming of an Ass is

generally disagreeable; sitting on one indicates work; to see one running, misfortune and trouble; to hear one bray, loss and damage.

It sounds like you are in desperate need of some Kickapoo Indian Sagwa.

(T)here is no remedy on earth so efficient as KICKAPOO INDIAN SAGWA, made as it is from roots, barks, herbs and gums of the forest. This remedy is without a parallel for keeping the body strong, healthy and well. SAGWA accomplishes its wonderful results by purifying the blood and regulating the stomach, liver and kidneys.


The Indians have used it successfully for centuries. Their continual perfect health and longevity, and the fact that sudden strokes, such as heart-failure, apoplexy and kindred ailments are unknown to them, is due to the fact that from their birth they have used KICKAPOO INDIAN SAGWA. If you are not feeling just right, and cannot locate the trouble, take this wonderful medicine before it is too late. You do not know what minute you may be overtaken by some dire calamity. Health attends its use always. All druggists sell it. $1 a bottle; six bottles for $5.00.

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