Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Principles And Practice Of Magic

Scholarly homeopathic texts (if that isn't an oxymoron) are immensely amusing, as they strive to present a system of magic within a pseudoscientific context, complete with tables listing various levels of elements, and graphs mathematically recording strange world views. Such a text is Principles and Practice of Homeopathy: The Therapeutic and Healing Process by David Owen (London: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2007).

This text comes with endorsements from people with so many letters after their names that it's like a Scrabble convention: Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom (" exciting and innovative"), John Saxton BVet Med VetFFHom Cert. IAVH MRCVS President, Faculty of Homeopathy Homeopathic teacher ("a tour de force"), Dr Nick Goodman MbBS MFHom FACNEM, Dr Philip Bailey MBBS MFHom (author of Homeopathic Psychology - presumably, psychology in infinitesimal doses), Professor David Peters, School of Integrated Health, University of Westminster, London, UK ("this book drips holism") and David Reilly Consultant, Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital; Researcher and Teacher, Glasgow Homeopathic Academic Centre, as well as a foreword by Bob Leckridge BSc MB ChB MFHom.

What can you learn from this tome? Take, for example, the chapter by David Lilley on The Chronic Miasms.

Disease is an expression of creation’s perfection; it has meaning, deep significance, and is essentially beneficent. The vital force is always working at its optimal best. Even malignant disease is a manifestation of the vital force’s efforts to bring about the least harmful result in a profoundly disturbed constitution. It would rather produce a cancer than permit a process that impacts upon the emotional and intellectual spheres and impedes spiritual unfoldment. This is not always possible. However, when successful, the inherited legacy of disease is concentrated and encapsulated in a malignant lesion or process. Constitutionally a cleansing of the miasmatic state is achieved, which is manifested particularly in the emotional life. Individuation is accelerated. When the cancer miasm is dominant it often brings with it a state of increasing spiritual awareness, empathy, and a greater capacity for unconditional love.

That should make clear the religious underpinning of homeopathy with its calls to 'creation', 'vital force' and 'spirit'. You see, cancer is actually about "spiritual unfoldment". Having cancer is therefore a wonderful thing, as it enhances you and moves you on to a higher state of being.

The Carcinosin subject has an abiding love of nature, of animals, and of humanity, which moves them to altruism of the purest form. Their minds and senses are aesthetically attuned to all that is elevated, noble, and splendid in literature, music, and dance. Their love and compassion are intense, selfless, universal, and unconditional. The miasm of cancer facilitates the ascent of the human soul towards its divinity.

This is in a 'medical' textbook. Published by Elsevier*. Cancer makes you divine. And this sort of rubbish is a magical belief system that is two hundred years (at least) out of date.

But homeopathy is a science now. And science is a systematising method of knowledge (even though the book is constantly torn by its desire to simultaneously embrace the holistic "illness is a journey to wellness" trope). So Misha Norland in the chapter on Signatures:

The five elements can be thought of as gradually moving from spirit into matter and are:
1. Etheric energy – which is immaterial, reveals itself as primal non-verbal experience and as intuition.
2. Elemental fire – almost immaterial, the energy of combustion, heat and light, reveals itself as images.
3. Elemental air – dense enough to fly in, reveals itself as thoughts. These are products of the intellect, representing our discriminative awareness ‘playing’ over experiences and memory.
4. Elemental water – yet denser, to swim in, reveals itself as feelings. These inform us of our likes and dislikes.
5. Elemental earth – solid, to build with, reveals itself as sensations. These are experienced in the body directly by the five senses.
Physical pathology is the final outcome of derangement of the above elemental levels.

Yes, elements, but not in the sense of the Periodic Table (presumably, this development is far too recent for homeopaths to have become acquainted with it and integrated it into their purportedly 'holistic' system). There's clearly derangement occurring here, but it seems to be concentrated in the homeopathic practitioners. EoR suspects homeopaths get all their cures from the Ebers Papyrus.

Of course, no good homeopathic text can allow vaccination to go by without pointing out the terrible evils that it causes.

Tautopathy is a type of isopathy where the causative agent is a conventional drug, where the adverse effects point to their range of action and they can be helpful when prepared homeopathically in treating iatrogenic disease or in reducing adverse effects. For example, a potency of a vaccine can help ‘unlock’ a case of vaccine damage.

Homeopathy: making up imaginary diseases, and then curing them (by imaginary methods). Simple, really.

EoR does, however, find himself in agreement with Mr Owen's concluding remarks:

One thing is certain, in the future – and perhaps very rapidly – a number of the premises explored in this book will be outdated.

Though he does need to point out that they've actually been outdated for two centuries. But maybe the homeopaths are still succussing and diluting that particular piece of information.

Contemporary scientifically advanced homeopaths enabling the holistic illness journey towards spiritual enlightenment

*Though the imprint was bought by Elsevier, itself known for links to arms dealing and fake journals.

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