Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Secret Of The Power To Make Money

EoR suffering under the miraculous proclamations of charlatans
You can have an amazing life! Yes! All it takes is to give $23.95 to Rhonda Byrne. Yes! You can become rich, just by giving your money away!

Of course, we've heard all this before. Kelefa Sanneh traces the idea of The Secret back to the nineteenth century New Thought movement (“Get rich; that is the best way you can help the poor.”) and Christian Science. Where New Thought also had a social reforming agenda, however, Byrne and her acolytes appear to have no other aim than raking in the money from the ever-present gullible and desperate.

This is the language of faith, not scientific theory or political struggle; it can’t be refuted, only disbelieved. But what makes Byrne’s creed so powerful isn’t simply that she offers revolution purged of politics; it’s that, in the best New Thought tradition, she offers religion purged of religion.

Disullisioned with The Secret because it didn't work? Simply buy it again under its rebadged name, and you just know it'll work this time. in fact, EoR guarantees it will work just as effectively as last time in generating massive amounts of income for Rhonda Byrne. It truly is amazing how people fall such scams again and again.

EoR trusts that Rhonda Byrne will be donating millions of copies of her new book to the flood-ridden masses in Pakistan, who quite clearly wished for the situation they are now in.

Remember: with The Secret/The Power, we can all be Number One!

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  1. I think the purveyors of this nonsense are more like "number twos".


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