Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Web-Bot UFO Frequency Hurricane Horror Shock Expose

This month's Nova has a wonderful Editorial which manages to remember 9/11, promote yet another version of The Secret, and to describe fantasy-as-reality.

Immediately after the twin towers crashed to the earth, the earth's magnetic field registered a sharp spike that's clearly identifiable on a graph. The hypothesis for this otherwise inexplicable event is that the sudden immense outpouring of emotion as people everywhere began to pray for the victims or simply to send, unbidden, thoughts of compassion was heard by the universe. And it responded. As the mystics and seers tell us, what is in one is in the whole.

We owe this awe-filled insight to the work of Gregg Braden who shared it with us during last month's I Can Do It event in Sydney and Perth. In a fascinating talk, he put forward the theory that the universe responds to feeling, a phenomenon called heart coherence. It's led to an experiment called the Global Coherence Initiative, which has the aim of redefining our relationship with the earth.

Why are these people so desperate to make their religious beliefs 'scientific'? They crave the legitimacy of science, but decry it when it disproves or ignores their particular manias. Ms Evans continues:

If this theory is correct, and if we consider that our heart has a magnetic field 500 times stronger than that of our overworked brain, the possibilities for healing seem, well, mind-boggling. If our universe really is a feeling organism, not the purely rational entity that science has led us to believe until now, then transformational change really does seem to be in our grasp. I urge you if you're at all serious about living your life in a more conscious, coherent way, to take a look at [Gregg Braden's] website.

Isn't it wonderful when you pile an impossibility on an improbability, buttress it with a delusion, stick in a wish or two, and stand well clear? This is clearly not a 'theory', though it is certainly mind-boggling. There's rather too many 'ifs' in that paragraph for it to mean anything. And following its advice will probably lead to anything but living in a 'coherent way'.

Sadly, EoR went to the proffered website and, before he knew it, he was deep in the morass of 9/11 Truthers and David Icke and his ilk. It's as bizarre as seeking information on vaccination and finding yourself confronted by shapeshifting reptile overlords. It wasn't mystical prayers healing the planet, you deluded fools! It was Hurricane Erin ("the power source behind the Direct Energy Weapon(s) that was used to turn the Twin Towers to dust that day") and which caused the magnetic field to dip (in Alaska, for some obscure reason) as any fule kno. Does this mean that Nova is part of the 9/11 cover up? Could this be the smoking gun? Or could it just be normal variation (unless there was a huge tragedy on April 2nd this year that caused the world to join in prayer)? In fact, as the following graph shows, there's a lot of variation all the time.

The idea that Hurricane Erin was 'engineered' in order to generate some sort of 'field effect technology' originates with a Dr Judy Wood. EoR can't bring himself to link to her website. It's so full of graphs that it makes a climate change denier look like the epitome of the calm philosopher (yet again proving EoR's adage that as lunacy increases, web design skills decrease). The way the US Government has managed to create a giant transistor out of a hurricane and use it to destroy the Twin Towers, however, is clearly a marvel of science fiction and probably the only realistic way to destroy those buildings. Is there any other way it could have been done?

The only way this 911/Secret/Prayer/Science/Conspiracy could get any better would be if it also linked to the 2012 myth (the Millennial Panic you have when you haven't got a Millennium). On, hang on...

I think it is important to begin with facts, and it is a fact that we are living the end of a rare and mysterious cycle of time that began 5,125 years ago in the year 3114 B.C. and completes with a rare astronomical event that occurs on December 21, 2012 A.D. It’s a fact that this 5,125 year cycle has occurred in the past a number of times. Ancient and indigenous traditions, specifically Mesoamerican traditions, identify at least four of these cycles leading up to the cycle that we’re experiencing now. It’s a fact that each time cycles were completed and new cycles began, they were accompanied by conditions of change that were catastrophic for the people living during that time. It is a fact that when we overlay cycles of time on the archaeological history of our planet (gleaned from studying the ice cores of Antarctica and the sea floor sediments in the oceans), what we find is that some civilizations in our past collapsed when they reached the point in their cycles where we find ourselves in our cycle today.

EoR also thinks it is important to begin with facts, though he prefers those that aren't made up.

Braden has created a 'Time Code Calculator' that can foretell the future. In fact, he claims it predicted both 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis. Why didn't he warn anyone? Strangely, the Time Code Calculator sounds exactly like the future foretelling Web Bot. Even more so since it, too, is part of the 2012 The Sky is Falling! scare:

The Web Bot is a computer that predicts the future, and was originally designed in the 1990’s to make predictions on the stock market. It works by having a system of spiders filer the web like a seach engine robot, then stores the information in a central collection point. The
data is then systematically filtered and processed. It is said that the Web Bot is the only scientific method capable of predicting the future at this time.

Web Bot Predictions that came true
In June of 2001, the Web Bot predicted a catastrophic event that would happen within the next 2-3 months. 3 months later the twin towers fell in New York City. The Web Bot predicted the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003, and the New York blackout of 2003. The Web Bot also predicted an earthquake that would make waters raise in 2004, which ended up being the tsunami, and hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2007 the Web Bot predicted the Dollar price crash. The Web Bots prediction for 2012, as well as many ancient civilizations like the Mayan and Chinese is a worldwide calamity. With the Web Bot being so accurate in the past, it makes my belief even stronger that the world is coming to an end.

The Web Bot can predict all these things, and yet no warnings were made. The Illuminati who, presumably, are running this marvellous scientific prognosticator clearly don't want to use it for good.

This madness just goes on and on, with one lunatic fringe group plagiarising and stealing from another to bolster their own particular delusional mindset. The UFO nutters are on to it as well, claiming (in 2009) that the Web Bot has predicted that there would be a "10000 fold increase in UFO sightings this summer", the US dollar and economy will collapse and the dollar will no longer be traded anywhere, lots of people will 'disappear' due to the PTBs (the Powers That Be LOL), there will be so many volcanic eruptions that the sun will be blocked out and "People begin to start acting very odd". Apart from the last prediction, all the others have failed. When will the lunatics and psychics learn: never leave your predictions on the web after they've failed. It just makes you look silly.

Such lunacy deserves both the Tin Foil Hat Zone Award and the Steaming Turd Award.

Steaming turd

After all that, EoR feels sullied, and will need to go and take a long cold shower.

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