Saturday, July 01, 2006

To Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

Hilton Herbs in the UK are offering Himalayan Salt Licks for your horse.

Pink Salt - from 550 million year old ocean deposits mined deep in the Himalayas, carried down the mountains on Yaks, and brought to you and your horses and ponies by Hilton Herbs to provide the ultimate salt lick for the upwardly mobile equid.

The website further expounds (EoR won't mention the ability of salt lamps to neutralise "electro-smog", whatever that is):

Most mass-produced salt licks consist of salt with artificially added minerals and trace elements. These minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, and the trace elements are important for your horse’s health, however in salt production they are regarded as impurities’ and are removed during the production process.

Apparently, it's not just the bragging rights of having peasant-mined yak-transported feeds for your yuppie horses (or, more pertinently, the upwardly aspirant owners), but Pink Sea Salt is almost a magic product, as this website shows, with its explanation of Quantum Woo Physics 101:

Primal energy from millions of years ago is stored in the crystal salt's unique structure. [...] Our body does not need to metabolize the crystal salt in order for its energy to enter directly into our cells. Salt has a very unique property. In contrast to all other crystalline structures, the atomic structure of salt is not molecular, but electrical. This is what makes it so transformable. When we submerge a crystal of Himalayan salt into water, it dissolves, creating Sole, the liquid materialization of the sun's energy. Sole is neither water nor salt. It is a higher energetic dimension than either the water or the salt alone. When the Sole evaporates, it leaves behind the salt, exactly as it was. This transformability of salt ensures that it doesn't have to be metabolized in our body.

This is totally unlike pure salt, of course, which is an Evil Substance (this is straight out of Woo Chemistry 101:

Common salt is basically an industrial waste product with only two of the original 84+ elements remaining (sodium and chlorine). It acts as a dangerous cellular poison within the body. Sea salt is a popular alternative to refined salt. However, natural sea salt harvested at the shore is only partially viable even when it is not industrially processed. Additionally, sea pollution, with its many harmful toxins, can cause negative biophysical frequencies that may affect the finished product. When Dr Albert Schweitzer began seeing the first cases of cancer in the jungles of Africa, he noted that they began after the importation of foods from America. Years later he deduced that it was the salt that was the culprit.

So, it's salt that causes cancer then? Not Dr Clark's parasites? Or do they subsist on salt?

There is, however, a double blind university study to prove the effects of magic salt (actually, electrolytes), which was conducted using as one measuring device the Quantum Xxroid Conscious Interface Biofeedback System. You know this is a more effective measure of health and vitality than all those nasty scientific instruments since

These machines are NOT accepted in America. The FDA allows them to be used for Biofeedback only. You can guess that since the bottom line in American medicine is profit, that using a simple machine to diagnose and monitor our health would be outlawed.

Yes, EoR can't see any way that using a cheaper machine would actually increase profit, even if you do accept the Big Pharma conspiracy theory. Are these guys really as stupid as they seem, or are they just pretending?

The principal constituents of this wonder product are (EoR's not sure what the other 79+ elements might be):

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron

Hilton Herbs sells one kilogram of this miracle product for £3.70. This compares to £9.99 for 10kg of a standard mineral lick.

Of course, you could just buy the smallest amount of Wonder Salt, and dilute it homeopathically which would both increase its power, and give you a lifelong supply.

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  1. Hilton Herbs is just a bunch of crooks. They were recently fined 10,000 GBP (about $19,000) for false labeling in the UK. See


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