Friday, July 07, 2006

Did You Know?

Some factoids from the 27th June 2006 Mind&Body supplement in the West Australian newspaper:

Did you know? Sulfur found in cabbage and broccoli helps cleanse the liver.

No, since "cleansing the liver" is an ill-defined nonentity promoted by the cleansers of livers with no measurable effects.

Fast facts: vitamin C will help to reduce the length of a cold.

No, such a claim is still unproven after decades of alties trying to find evidence.

[Essential oils] have been shown to help soothe the body, mind and spirit.

Where are the studies showing how they calm the "spirit"? How is such an effect measured?

Did you know that the essential oils of basil and black pepper are connected to the Aries star sign and that lavender reflects the gentle innocence of Librans?

No, especially since astrology is a complete farce with no basis in reality. Was Margaret Thatcher a gentle Libran?

For moderate to serious conditions you need to see your general practitioner. Once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been mapped out, then Chinese medicine may be able to assist in strategies to overcome the illness.

So Traditional Chinese Medicine is only suitable for non-serious (ie frivolous) conditions? This is a TCM practitioner writing this, so it must be true.

At least there's a letter from Pfizer Australia pointing out that a previous article on viagra was full of false information and scaremongering. But then, Big Pharma would say that, wouldn't they?

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