Sunday, July 02, 2006

Become a Real True Psychic™®!

Unlike Anthony Grzelka with his shamefully poor accuracy rate (as self reported) of only 60%, via James Randi weekly commentary comes a link to Ian Rowland's The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading.

Cold reading is also often used by people who pretend they give 'psychic' readings, and it enables them to give 'amazingly accurate' readings to complete strangers. [...] I have given more test conditions demonstrations that cold reading works than anyone else in the world. On a BBC documentary, two women said my readings were "99.9%" and "95%" accurate! [...] This is the definitive book on cold reading. It explains everything there is to know about this limitless technique! How can you apparently tell complete strangers about names, dates and events that mean something to them?

EoR remains amazed by how Mr Grzelka can tell complete strangers about names, dates and events that mean nothing to them, and still get paid for it. What was it P T Barnum said?

Here are some amazing psychic feats performed by Mr Rowland, including

During a live discussion show I gave a 20 minute tarot reading to a complete stranger called Lisa. She was then briefly interviewed for her reactions, and she stated that she found the reading very impressive. Later on in the show, it was revealed that I was a fake, and some aspects of my work (e.g. cold reading) were briefly touched on. Lisa refused to accept this explanation, and persisted in her belief that I was 'genuine'. Lisa said, "I'm amazed at how much truth has come out of it. I wasn't a strong believer before but I think this is great."

Notice also the refusal from the customer to accept facts where they contradict what she (or he) expects. Beliefs are far more important for this sort of woo than alities.

EoR suggests Mr Grzelka might like to study this book (or read it again if it's already part of his library of spiritual classics) in order to improve his accuracy rate to rank him up there with the "real" psychics. Or perhaps he could just get his spirit voices to do the work for him and pass on the relevant points.

"S" anyone? "Scam" or "Shyster"? Does that mean anything to you? I feel like it's "Scam" but it might be "Stupid". Or "Shameful". Have you had an aunt or uncle pass beyond? Or are you having some sort of operation? Or someone you know?

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