Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quackometer Skepticism

EoR is skeptical of the Quackometer when his blog receives a rating of 2 canards and this warning:

The quacking noise is deafening. This web site is riddled with loosely defined terms and pseudoscientific language with huge sprinklings of alternative medicine mumbo jumbo. Using lots of physics terms like this rarely has any meaning outside of physics books. However, it shows significant sceptical awareness and may be debunking. It also looks like this site is trying to sell stuff. Buyer Beware!

EoR is not selling anything!

At least Anthony Grzelka's website received a superscore of 10 canards (by way of comparison, Masaru Emoto only rates 8 canards), and EoR's blog was listed correctly under "Possible quackbusting web sites...". Sadly, though, so was a page of Mr Grzelka's site. If only the psychics would debunk themselves, it would save EoR so much time and trouble...


  1. It's probably the sarcasm mixed with lots of quotes. He probably left out a sarcasmometer, since a lot of comments floating out there tend to overload those things.

  2. Yep - the quackometer has not yet been finely tuned against sarcastic ozzie humour (and spelling).

    Chill out. Have another cheeky, frothy, cold xxxx and wait for the next update.


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