Friday, July 28, 2006

EoR In The Blogosphere

Pew Internet have conducted a telephone survey of bloggers (of the American adult variety - your results may differ in other climes and ages). EoR is always fascinated to see how his blog fits in to the blogosphere...

  • 8% of internet users are bloggers, so EoR is definitely in a minority here.

  • 54% of bloggers are under the age of 30, and only 13% live in rural regions. Again, EoR appears in to be in the minority, having been born in 1921, and living in a corner of the 100 Acre Woood.

  • 55% blog under a pseudonym. Again, since EoR is using his real name, he's in the minority.

  • 10% of bloggers spend 10 hours or more a week on their blog, which is what EoR does (researching and disproving SCAMs is hard work).

  • 27% stated they blogged to influence the way others think, which is what EoR does (note: influence, not browbeat or intimidate).

  • 56% of bloggers spend time verifying facts "sometimes" or "often". At last! EoR joins the majority here.

  • 79% of bloggers have broadband. EoR relies on an ancient dialup connection.

  • 87% of bloggers allow comments, 41% have a blogroll, and 18% offer an RSS feed, all of which apply to EoR. Interestingly, the rates drop off for things that need to be changed rather than just accepting the standard blog template.

  • 60% of bloggers are white (less than the general internet population). EoR, being blue-gray, is again in a minority.

  • 13% post daily or more frequently. EoR generally only posts when he has a topic of woo to address. Sadly, this means he posts something new almost every day.

PDFs of the questionnaire and report are available at the link above if you want to see where you stand in the geography of the blogosphere.

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