Friday, December 10, 2010

Not the Walkleys

Well, the Walkley awards for 2010, recognising excellence in journalism, have been handed out. If you needed any more proof that they're a mates’ club run by the union the commie-socialist-bleeding-heart-greenie-stalinist-lockstep-pinko-ABC-groupthinkers gave not one, but two awards to Red Kerry, while totally ignoring the excellent, well-researched and fiercely independent journalism of Andrew Bolt.

This sort of thing is just not on. In order to redress this criminal imbalance, EoR has decided to create a special award, recognising Bolt's contributions to exposing the evil hoax that is Science (except, of course, for any science that agrees with his views) with also a special acknowledgement of his advancing the science of racial types and eugenics.

Congratualions Andrew. You deserve it.

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