Friday, December 17, 2010

National Broadband Network will kill us all!

Maybe EoR just imagined all this but, listening to Howard Sattler's radio show on Wednesday he heard MP Dr Dennis Jensen apparently prophesying the end of the world due to the National Broadband Network. EoR didn't hear the whole thing, so he may have totally misinterpreted Dr Jensen's alarmist ranting, but it seems the terminating nodes for the NBN which were originally to be placed outside buildings will now be placed inside them. The terrible outcome is that these release chlorine gas when they burn. And chlorine gas is what the Germans used!!!

EoR may be unusual but, if his house was burning, he wouldn't be hanging around to breathe in any fumes, toxic or otherwise. And what gases are released by burning televisions? Computers? Carpets? Plastics? Treated wood? Stored pool chemicals?

Will Dr Jensen also call for the banning of wood fires?

Dennis Jensen, though he's a legitimate scientist (his specialty is materials engineering on ceramics) doesn't seem to cope with technology well. His webpage, for instance, still includes a call to "Oppose the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme". He also seems to release a media statement every six months or so. Which is probably considered value for taxpayers' money these days. But nothing about the NBN or chlorine gas is evident there. There's no mention of it on the 6PR website. And Google also seems ignorant of these claims (whether made by Jensen or anyone else).

Dr Jensen is on Facebook but EoR didn't have the strength to become his friend. He does, however, note that Dr Jensen 'likes' Carl Sagan and Climate-gate (sic). And his favourite movie is "Not Evil Just Wrong".

Then there's his Twitter account with its regular tweets (averaging about one a month). The most recent:

No reputable scientist would claim 100% certainty that humans are causing climate change, but govt advisor Prof Will Steffen does!

Any reputable conservative politician, however, would claim that global warming is fake 100% of the time! Also, isn't that statement defamatory, since it clearly implies that Professor Will Steffen (Executive Director ANU Climate Change Institute, BSc, MSc, PhD) is not a reputable scientist? But, again, nothing about the NBN and how it's going to kill everyone.

On the 24th February he tweeted:

Rudd is totally lacking human feeling. 4 deaths from his insulation disaster, and he cannot even express sympathy

Well, Rudd is probably just as inhuman as Dr Jensen:

Dr Jensen boycotted Parliament on the day that the formal apology to the Stolen Generations was made by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Perhaps EoR was having a really strange dream? Or is this just the stalking horse for an 'NBN is the new Insulation debacle' initiative by the opposition?

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  1. Is there any truth to Dennis' assertion that Julia Gillard sleeps with a copy of 1984 under her pillow? Sounds rather uncomfortable.


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