Monday, December 27, 2010

Free pr0n for asylum seekers

Spiegel Online reports how the Czech Republic tests whether applicants for asylum are telling the truth or not when they claim they would be persecuted for being gay. It seems the report may have been written by Benny Hill, since it notes that

the only way to obtain hard evidence was to administer a test using a phallometric device.

People who make such puns should be given a stiff dressing down. EoR just won't stand for it.

Furthermore, the person administering these tests is a physician and sex therapist called Dr. Ondrej Trojan. More proof of Nominative Determinism.

It also seems that Dr Trojan has difficulty determining patient/doctor boundaries:

A former patient claims that he offered to masturbate in front of her while she was under his treatment, and she says that she intends to produce video recordings as evidence. Trojan insists that he was merely applying a method known as "demonstration therapy," which even he admits is "controversial."

EoR doesn't know which is worse. That a sex therapist offered to masturbate in front of a patient, or that the patient was videotaping the whole thing.

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