Saturday, December 04, 2010

Holistic neo-colonialism

Here's another fascinating article from the latest issue of Nova: EarthSky. In this article Jeremy Ball relates a mysterious and spooky tale. He accompanies a Central Arrente elder and shaman and is told a tale of a cave that collapsed on "22 spiritual adepts" sheltering from a storm and who, understandably enough, were quite grumpy about this and thus became "wrathful protector spirits".

In my heart I knew I had been brought here to lead a soul release ceremony (one helping disincarnate beings move on to another realm, the realm intended for them at the time of their physical death and for disincarnate spirits that have lodged themselves in places the Great Spirit did not intend for them).

The Aboriginal elder attempts to light a fire unsuccessfully, but Jeremy steps in to help:

I knew in my heart that for some reason this time it needed to done in a different way. So I gently whispered in Frank's ear telling him of the process I had used in several places around the world, to good effect, to assist spirits in leaving this plane. I felt Frank take into his heart what I had said and he walked forward, calling out to the spirits to let them know we had arrived. He bent down to make a small fire from twigs and kindling to burn the herbs he had picked, but try as he might, the fire would not light. Two or three of us helped bring more dry kindling but, although there was no wind, the fire would not light at all - the spirits were resisting.

Frank and I have developed an almost telepathic connection and we could both feel on this occasion we needed to try something else. After several attempts to light the fire, Frank looked at me and nodded for me to use internal means. This demonstrates his humility, wisdom and connectedness - used to performing near miracle healings on a daily basis, he knew on this occasion a combination of techniques was required.

I explained the process to the group present and we formed a circle and, using our imagination, created specific geometric and colour templates within the psychic sphere. Once these were in place, I called on Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Uriel and, of course, Archangel Michael to be present and perform the process.

Jeremy Ball explains why his method worked, but EoR is still trying to understand his explanation. Essentially, it seems that indigenous peoples' spiritual path "descends" into the earth, but Jesus taught us that the better spiritual path "ascends" into the heavens, and Mr Ball teaches us that "the time has come for us to embrace the two together, to unite the polarities".

For all his Newage words, Mr Ball is reiterating here the same beliefs that drove the Colonialist era. He may not be using the language of "primitives" needing "education" to raise them to the higher standards of white Europeans, but his neo-Colonialism is the same ideology. It takes the wise(r) white man to show the less capable indigenous race how to resolve their spiritual problems. He isn't teaching them to be good Protestants, but his rambling about a baker's dozen of newage angels is just as alien and just as inappropriate.

While the beliefs of Aboriginal people can be quite charming, they're incomplete and it's up to the spiritually better to show them how it should be done.

A concluding note from the editor warns, chillingly:

Jeremy urges caution in undertaking these practices as, if handled incorrectly, the outcome can be negative

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