Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In which an advertisement is found

While EoR was doing some research on anti-global warming science he was forced to read the IPA Review, the house publication of a right wing think tank called the Institute of Public Affairs. IPA Review is the favoured home of Bob Carter and Ian Plimer. In the December 2006 issue, however, EoR discovered this amusing advertisement.

The message is rather droll: don't give your money to the parasitic state, give it to the parasitic conservatives instead!

It also demonstrates the lack of scientific understanding of the right, since EoR can't see any parasites in the image (unless the human has a tapeworm).

It also seems remarkably strange that the social(ist) ants appear to be helping our fearless Libertarian Hero.


  1. That ad is hilarious. Gotta love the ants.

  2. It's Animal Farm all over again -
    sure to end badly.

  3. Hard working socialist ants BTW, against a grasping mantis


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