Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spirals Of Meaninglessness

It's always exciting when woo is confirmed scientifically, though you need the right scientific instruments. Like this paper describing Energy Fields of a complex Geometrical Structure.

In recent years research has been done by various groups on the energy fields of geometrical structures and spaces, in particular pyramids and their influence on life forms in or near them. The aim of this research project was to investigate the nature of the energy of a complex geometrical structure containing three- and four-sided pyramids, named "Earthgate", which has been in use as an "acupuncture needle" for the Earth.

EoR never knew the Earth needed acupuncture but, no "The Earthgate is in use as an "acupuncture" instrument for harmonizing subtle energy of the Earth." Imagine how many more earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis there would be without this rebalancing!

Before, during and after activating the Earthgate by intention and sound, measurements have been performed with various scientific instruments, alongside radiesthetic (Lecher antenna, dowsing rods and pendulum) and clairvoyant/-sentient observations. The control consisted of "activation" of a spot by people without Earthgate. Magnetometry in the space around this structure showed the appearance after its activation of frequencies at or close to the harmonic frequencies of the Schumann Resonance. Infrared and visible light photography showed the appearance of airborne, translucent-cloudy, spheroid and occasionally formless, cloud-like light phenomena (both invisible to the eye) as soon as the Earthgate was present. Prof. Dr. David Schweitzer in London, who developed a special photographic technique for qualitatively recording memory content of water, examined water samples from our experiment. He found a development of wave-like and organic energy shapes

Yes, they've confirmed their findings by dowsing (with three different dowsing methods), kirlian photography and psychics. Visible light photography showed "spheroids" though these apparently weren't visible to the human eye. And, given their conclusion, by possibly also channelling the spirit of Deepak Chopra:

The possibility is discussed of the Earthgate (and other geometrical structures as well) being an intention-controlled device generating or attracting a torsion field in the quantum vacuum, facilitating, at least, the registration of the magnetic, light and water phenomena mentioned above.


Kirlian photography, measurements with the "Electric Field Meter" and with the compass gave no consistent results.

Also, sadly, there seems to be an awful lot of data selection going on in the magic results quoted, though the psychic observations clearly show this paranormal structure works as claimed:

Participants of the research group felt love and expansion (a warm energy touching the heart) during and immediately after activation of the Earthgate. The psychic observers always found that the Earthgate connected itself with the local Earth energy lines of the Hartmann and Curry grids as soon as it was placed and directed North- South according to the compass. Activation of the Earthgate with intention, according to the psychic observers, caused energy to move up from the Earth and down from the cosmos through the Earthgate. Voice work after the guided visualization activated the Earthgate to an even higher or finer level, changing the subtle energy field into sometimes toroidal or spherical shapes. Sometimes small "light spheres" were reported.

EoR wonders which international units were used to measure the "warm energy" recordings. Perhaps the "love and expansion" where measured on a love-o-meter? Strangely, the paper does not appear to have been published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal.

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  1. ". . . an intention-controlled device generating or attracting a torsion field in the quantum vacuum, facilitating, at least, the registration of the magnetic, light and water phenomena mentioned above."

    This is perhaps the most beautiful arrangement of meaningless words that I've ever seen. "Quantum vacuum." Oh my.


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