Saturday, February 03, 2007

How To Make Gold

Time to start planning holidays. It's the International Alchemy Conference (held, of course, in Las Vegas where they turn gullibility to gold every day)!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet and work with practicing alchemists from around the world! Practitioners will share both practical and spiritual techniques in this intensive, multimedia event. The emphasis is on real alchemy, and the goal is to inform and empower individuals with the ancient wisdom. Practical methods of transformation in both laboratory and inner work will be featured throughout the event.

"Real alchemy"! "Practical methods of transformation"! EoR can hardly wait. He wants to:

Learn to make tinctures and elixirs that capture spiritual energy.
Learn how to transmute emotions and thoughts into purified consciousness.
Discover ways to harness the life force for alternative healthcare and continuing rejuvenation.
Learn to make alchemical tinctures, oils, elixirs, and other products in the privacy of your own kitchen.

Oh, and so much more.

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