Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Top ADHD Specialist Cures ADHD, Diabetes, Autism Etc Etc

Flea recently brought Mednauseum to the attention of the skeptical blogosphere. Liz Ditz has brought to EoR's attention a mention on that blog about a groundbreaking study on ADD/ADHD to be published by a top specialist from EoR's corner of the world. As the American Chronicle reports in wide-eyed wonder:

If not a cure there sure seems to be some great results coming out of Australia. One of Australia’s top ADD/ADHD specialists appears to have found a wonderful therapy that is having great results by those who have been involved in a two year study that was just completed. Michael Sichel DO, ND, PhD has just concluded this study. His findings are what most will report as a great success on improving or eliminating the cognitive and sensory symptoms that are associated with many neurological and neurodevelopment disorders that now seem to plague an ever growing number of children and adults throughout the western world. Although Michael concentrates on children, this new method can be used by adults as well. By removing the many toxins that we are coming into contact with on a daily basis, he has shown that the child’s brain begins to function as it was intended to as the neurotransmitters appear to function more correctly after treatment. Despite the denial by government, major medical and the pharmaceutical industry, heavy metals such as mercury and lead along with the many chemicals have been finding their way into our systems at ever increasing amounts. This treatment removes these toxins and seems to lift a dark cloud from the patient. A new book will shortly be available that not only explains the how and why this has happened but also includes the results of Michaels study and how you can find this non drug therapy. You may want to keep your eyes open for "How to restore children damaged by Mercury, Man & Politics". This book promises to enlighten readers about the unwillingness of government agencies to open up on the facts about what are proving to be major contributors to the cause of the mystery ailments that have grown into a silent epidemic.

Where is the evidence that "heavy metals such as mercury and lead along with the many chemicals have been finding their way into our systems at ever increasing amounts"? What sort of "study" is published as a book rather than in respectable journal? Why does the government want so many "silent epidemics"? Why are none of these questions answered?

How do we know that Mr Sichel is an ADHD specialist? Why, because he says so himself, and he should know! Why, he even has the website domain! He's a DO, ND and an Olympian. What being one of the ancient Greek gods has to do with curing ADHD, EoR has no idea. Oh, hang on, he means he took part as an athlete in some previous Olympic Games. Ho hum, being a Greek god would have been more relevant to curing ADHD. Strangely, he fails to mention his PhD on his own website. What is this mysterious disappearing PhD? What is it in? Which university awarded it?

The website itself is an online selling tool. There's no research there (though there are, of course, testimonials). He's published some books, has no research published that he mentions on his website (though he does claim to have been featured in the woman's magazine New Idea - twice).

Here are some of his books - sorry, studies (the purpose of the website is clear when the front page advertises his books):

The Sichel Protocol: Since 1992, we have been treating what are now known as Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD), with non-drug biomedical methods. My first cases were two in a family of three boys - one with ODD, the other ADD. Both ‘came good’ in a very short time, both caused by environmental factors, including obvious auto-immune effects of vaccination. [...] The protocol carefully explains the rationale for natural biomedical treaments. Includes simple, efficient and safe chelation of heavy metals with bioactive footpads enhanced with liquid chelating agents + before-and-after pathology evidence (+ 20 parent testimonies on recoveries) and a useful 8-page Summary Chart.

EoR must point out to his readers that "came good" is not a standard measurement of improvement in ADD (or any other illness or condition) when conducting scientific trials. Which this is not. Even with twenty testimonials (why from the parents? why not from the "came good" children?). Nor is "a very short time" of any meaning. And chelation is not necessarily safe (though EoR does acknowledge that what Mr Sichel appears to be doing - sticking foot pads on children - doesn't really qualify as chelation).

You can only get that world shattering breakthrough if you're a "practitioner" though (the site doesn't say what you have to be a practitioner of). Learn About Real Causes & Treatments for Diabetes is, thankfully, available to the whole world so we can finally get rid of this evil disease.

While preparing a report on the herbal complex Eleotin in April 2000, Michael Sichel was captivated by its brilliant 80-person trial result. He has since met recovered diabetics and believes Eleotin should be much better known to suffering humanity.

This is based on a claim by Kevin Trudeau, known for "making false and unsubstantiated claims" regarding which the University of Calgary has stated:

Santamaria stressed it isn't possible to cure diabetes with any herbal extract. "This claim is groundless," he said. "It has no scientific foundation."

Incidentally, EoR was amused to see a comment on that story by Peter C Nicholls promoting all sorts of woo, including Mr Stichel. While researching this post he came across various comments across the internet from Mr Nicholls promoting Mr Stichel.

Eleotin is also a drug (remember, herbs are drugs as well) which is subject to an FDA drug import alert in the US.

It appears Mr Sichel is using the same level of evidentiary requirement for his "cures" and antivaccination scare stories as his proof of Jesus's personal interest in himself:

At that time I met a fine and humble couple with deep faith; he had been a champion athlete himself. She sang these beautiful hymns, while doing housework, washing dishes etc. They invited me to the study I mentioned. A farmer took the study by reading in the book of Romans (ch.5 & 6). Here it succinctly describes how death came into our world, and how victory over death came through One Man - Jesus Christ. I will never forget that evening. Suddenly, as he read, I KNEW - beyond doubt, that this was true and that because He died and rose again - I too will rise with Him one day. I was so grateful and my heart was deeply touched by God. I cried in joy & relief.

This seems similar to the conversion Mr Sichel hopes the readers of his own book will undergo. Indeed, it would be interesting to run a real study comparing the effect of Bible readings versus the Stichel "protocol" in curing all sorts of neurological disorders.


  1. Just seeing the 'sales pitch' is enough to let the red warning lights flash for me.

  2. I have ADHD, but I'm not "plagued" by it. It's a different kind of thinking -- perfect stone-age thinking, in fact, but not always so perfect now, in an often evolutionarily novel time.

    When it's not so perfect (like when I need to sit still and pay attention to some bore giving a long talk in a hot room), I resort to modern medicine. Ritalin works just fine. No need to see witch doctors...just an occasional visit to an overworked psychiatrist at Kaiser to get a new prescription.

  3. This article is a load of sour-grapes. Ill-informed, whinging and negative! Why don't you take a laxative and lay down.
    There are plenty of parents getting AMAZING results -we are actually seeing our kids blossom because of Dr Sichel -AND WITHOUT DRUGS! The man works because of a genuine need to help others - he doesn't sit around thinking about what to whinge about like you obviously do. He's too busy helping kids that are in dire situations reclaim their lives.
    Shame on you!

  4. Well, he's certainly busy making money...

    Perhaps, anonymous, instead of whingeing yourself, and being so negative, you could provide the science (that's science, not advertising).

  5. What? Do you expect him to work for free? He's got to eat as well! And actually he is very affordable. He keeps the costs down and provides supplements far cheaper than I have been able to get anywhere else.
    No whinging here...just letting you know that you're way off base - if you're going to take the time to whinge, make sure you know what you're on about.

  6. Parents who see their autistic kids improving in such a remarkable way don't need to see the studies (although I have) but if you are interested, take the time to look for yourself instead of asking someone else to do it for you. The results are in our homes everyday. Kids that couldn't function before, couldn't talk, couldn't understand simple instructions.
    You haven't walked in our shoes - you haven't seen what biomedical science can do - and you clearly don't understand it.
    But for many parents like me, the results are nothing short of amazing.

  7. "Biomedical science"? Sorry, EoR thought you were discussing Mr Sichel's smoke and mirrors...

    Sorry, anonymous, EoR doesn't have to "take the time to look for yourself". Mr Sichel is the one making the extraordinary claims, not EoR. Mr Sichel needs to provide the evidence. Note: evidence. Not advertising. The two are not the same thing.

  8. A note for disinterested readers:

    Note how EoR demands the science.
    Note how anonymous replies "You don't know anything!" and sticks his/her/its tongue out.
    EoR demands the science again.
    anonymous continues name calling.

    Repeat ad infinitum. Which doesn't get us anywhere. Though the science would. If it existed.

  9. What name calling? Seems like you just get an idea in your head and run with it.
    How do you know the science doesn't exist? Ever looked? Or do you expect him to package it up and put on your doorstep?
    Why does he need to prove anything to you? You're not his patient.
    I can assure you the people that see Dr Sichel know exactly how it works. Have you got an autistic child? Have you taken him/her to his clinic?
    I don't suppose you have, you just like to make a noise and see what response you get.

  10. "Note how EoR demands the science.
    Note how anonymous replies "You don't know anything!" and sticks his/her/its tongue out.
    EoR demands the science again."

    anonymous: EoR was responding to your statement to look at the "science". Which you ignored. Obviously.

    Your turn: time for "anonymous continues name calling". Or you could provide links to the "science". Remember, you're the one supporting the marvellous miracle cures.

  11. Dr Sichel has the have none for your claims.
    YOU are the one claiming that what he does has no scientific basis.
    So, where's your 'science' that says it doesn't work?

    It works both ways.

  12. I haven't researched all the merchandise, but those "footsies" on offer at his website recently caused a complaint against Conscious Living magazine that was upheld by TGA. Something to do with misleading and unproven claims about footsies, and taking money from the vulnerable, amongst other things.

  13. The wording of advertising is another matter. But at Least Lucy Jr is reasonable in her scepticism.
    EoR just has cheap having a go at Dr SIchel's religion, which has nothing to do with anything.
    Scepticism can be a healthy thing. Eor, you're not a sceptic, you're just closed-minded...and unreasonable. Continue to walk around with your blinkers on if that's what does it for you.
    Bye now!

  14. Ah, the "no true skeptic" fallacy - a cheap variation on the "no true scotsman" fallacy.

    Mr Sichel's religion is irrelevant. The level of evidentiary proof that Mr Sichel demonstrated is totally pertinent.

    So EoR is "cheap", "closed-minded" and wears "blinkers"? And you're the one accusing him of making statements that have "nothing to do with anything"?

    Sadly, EoR suspects that "Bye now!" means you still refuse to provide the science. Because you can't or because you won't?

  15. You want science then type in these three words into google
    "autism mercury poisoning" THE SYMPTOMS OF MERCURY POISONING AND AUTISM ARE IDENTICAL IT IS PROVEN AND THAT IS WHY THE CDC WERE FORCED TO REMOVE MERCURY FROM ALL CHILDHOOD VACCINES. I am a mother of an ASD child who has had our world turned around with a biomedical approach AND HAVE SEEN SEVERELY AUTISTICS RECOVER If they are treated at an early age before too much damage is done.THE MERCURY POISONING HAS BEEN PROVEN so there is your science and I won't be posting again I don't want to waste any more of my time.If you remove the mercury you remove the autism end of conversation.

  16. @heaven: typing some random words into google is unlikely to produce any science. Why won't you be posting again? Don't you have any other supporting arguments to offer OTHER THAN SHOUTING?

    And where are all the "recovered" autistics proudly proclaiming their own recovery?

  17. @heaven: meanwhile, you might like to take a stress pill, sit down, and have a read of Theories of Everything.


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