Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spontaneously Levitating Equines - The Horror Continues

Longterm readers will be aware of EoR's efforts to uncover the suppressed evidence of Spontaneously Levitating Equines.

SLE is a terrible blight that the mainstream media ignores, yet the evidence for it is abundant. Sceptics will deny its existence, or suggest that data is being cherry-picked or misinterpreted, but they are too closed-minded to accept the obvious reality. Such as this photographic proof shows:

The owner is desperately trying to stop her horse from irretrievably being drawn up and away. What causes this terrible condition? EoR thinks there may be a clue in this photo. Note the high voltage power lines in the background! Electromagnetic radiation is a dangerous force that no one should be forced to suffer, as any holistic geologist will tell you. You can't see these evil waves, so they must be dangerous!

EoR urges all horse owners to immediately ensure their horses are safely enclosed in a Faraday Cage now, or you may be next victim to be struck down (or up, as the case may be) by this needless condition.


  1. Your EMF info can't be right. I just saw Dr Ginni Mansberg GP "promoting" the Power Balance Bracelet on the Morning Show. If I understood her correctly, you have to take your science hat off and be open minded in order to see the benefits though. (Coz scientists is closed-minded I guess?).

    At least, I think that's what she meant. She sure seemed impressed by the number of people who insist it works for them.

    Maybe this horse is just having its balance restored.

  2. I should add that Dr Ginni began by dismissing the Power Balance bracelet outright as a "crock" - but that was while she had her science hat on. By the end of the segment, the casual viewer would likely have forgotten that dismissal and may have been more interested in the thousands of people who swear by these things.

    Try this link for video.

  3. It's obvious what's going on, the poor horse is producing excess helium and filling up. What we have here is an equine blimp.

  4. Excellent! A return to the mystery of Spontaneously Levitating Equines (SLE)!

    This even happens to innocent baby horses!!

    It can be associated with signs of distress such as a sweaty neck

  5. Okay, at first I thought you were being sarcastic but now I've looked into it... holy sh!t!. This is real.

    In this one you can even see the quantum vortex stirring up the dust. Lucky there's a roof!


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