Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Meet A Ghost (2)

Oh, why didn't the spirits warn them beforehand? Not a blood-curdling "Look ooooouuuuttt!" Not even a softly whispered "T".

A man who was with about a dozen people who were looking for a legendary "ghost train" in Iredell County was hit by a locomotive and killed early Friday morning.


"During the investigation, witnesses told deputies they were at the site in hopes of seeing a 'ghost train'," the Iredell County sheriff's office said in a press release.

The sheriff said the incident coincided with the anniversary of a train wreck that occurred at the same location in 1891.



  1. A few days ago, Today Tonight had a horrible feature on the NSW motorcyclist ghost that you wrote about here:

    They even brought an expert out to the scene to show it was just a myth: Debbie Malone. Yes, they brought a psychic to the scene of a supposed haunting in order to prove to the public that ghosts aren't real (apparently it felt "dead" to her spiritual senses). They also brought out a paranormal investigator but I'll give him a little credit and assume he's a Scooby Doo-style mythbusting skeptic out to expose "paranormal" hoaxes.

    I was going in and out of the room at the time so I might have got some of the details wrong (and I can't check now because I'm at work), but you can view the full clip online. After clicking on the video heading, it will start in the small box on the right, but apparently won't work in Firefox:

  2. There are people who don't pay attention. There is a word for such people, idiots.

  3. Mediwatch also looked at the ghost biker last night, but not in a fawning psychic way, choosing instead to focus on the irresponsible media who started this myth.


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