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In Which EoR Suffers From PMT

EoR can hardly contain his excitement upon learning that Debbie Malone, the woman who has spent the last 18 years psychically solving missing persons and murder cases for Police throughout Australia, is coming to town to run seminars on how to take bad photographs and psychometry. Sadly, though, he will be unable to afford the AU$395 fee for an hour's individual reading. How will EoR cope without knowing that someone with an "A" name who has "passed over" is wafting around his aura? AU$395 an hour is, EoR quickly calculates, the equivalent of an annual salary of around AU$700,000. Australia's Prime Minister is paid only half that amount. There's something deeply wrong with that.

What caught EoR's attention however was not the standard platitude-offering 'psychic', but PMT. EoR is always pleased to find a new woo, if only in order to prove that the gullibility of people has not yet reached its limits. PMT, or Pyramidal Memories Transmutation is described in the following glowing terms:

Pyramidal Memories Transmutation (PMT) is a 5th dimensional technology developed by Joel Ducatillion, a French Naturopath, in November 2004.(...)

This technology works through the combination of 6 DNA 850 encoders. Joel describes the DNA 850 encoder as a small closed glass tube enclosing DNA encoded light spirals. Joel records DNA codes based on mathematical calculations, transposes them into sounds and when these sounds are played into the encoder, a programming takes place in these spirals of light. As at 2006 there were over 11,000 codes contained within each encoder.

5 of these encoders are used to create a double pyramid and the common part of the two pyramids forms the transmutation room in which the person sits during the process which takes about 45 minutes.

The 6th encoder is used to activate the pyramid. During this activation, a crystal of ether extends between the 7th chakra and the back of the head. It is this crystal that will raise the body's frequency - ether, astral, mental and causal - towards the 5th dimension, which means an octave above using a quantum leap.

This technology works on the memories that the person’s Soul decides that it wants transmuted. Hence it is not dependent on the person’s decision as to which memories are to be transmuted. Nor is it dependent on the operator’s intuitive view as to which memories should be transmuted. The transmutation room is therefore a place where our expectations and our will have no influence.


When the memories are brought forward into the transmutation room, the encoders are used to clean them, to remove the blockages around them. They are left as a clean memory. These cleaned memories are then brought into the person’s consciousness and are transmuted. This then completes the transmutation process. From experience, most, if not all, of these memories will be consciously transmuted as quickly and as smoothly as taking a gentle, peaceful breath. They then pass on as part of the normal process of the Universe.

EoR's head is spinning: mathematics, pyramids, memories, chakras, crystals, and especially 'DNA encoded light spirals'. This is the sort of wacky science that seems to have been developed under the influence of some extremely heavy hallucinogenics.

Apart from having memories 'cleaned' (which sounds disturbingly like 1984), this particular way of wasting money, of course, doesn't really do anything:

PMT is a 5th dimension technology and certainly not a therapy. During this process, neither the person nor the operator has any influence at all, whatever their level of understanding or their intention might be.

EoR really wants to see one of these super-advanced scientific machines operating at full throttle but, sadly, this is the only picture he could find:


Disappointing really. Joel Ducatillon, the inventor of this postmodernist marvel, is also the 'father' of Diamond Water which is like water on steroids (only without the steroids).

Diamond Water is here to help us upgrade and wake up, to go faster into our new and upgraded selves, to help clear unhelpful and heavy frequencies from our cells, our psyches, our energy and our souls of old. There is no more time now, this water is like a secret agent working behind the scenes. It is water that has been *imprinted with intent by one of the glass encoders (5th dimensional technology explained under Pyramidal Memories Transmutation).

Joel also further explains the wonderful PMT glass thingy:

It was only a year and a half later (1997) that I received a channelling instructing me to create a little glass tube as simple as this (Joel holds up the tube, see picture above) small and simply made by a glass-blower. This thing is a sort of artificial DNA of light. Clear-sighted or visionary people can see in it spirals of light and there are geometries that are imprinted into it, as in DNA. Of course, for it to be printed, I had to process the air that is contained in it, as well as energetically encode through geometry and mathematics.

EoR has that sinking feeling that, as a closed minded skeptic, he'd simply see a small glass tube without any of the wonderful swirling multidimensional spirals of DNA encoded madness. But what if it was all true? What if particle physics proved all this?

The CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) laboratory in Geneva uses a particle accelerator, which is by chance circumference 27 kilometres. The number 27 is 3 X 3 X 3; the number of the quantum leap jump into another dimension. This is different from what we have understood or known before. Having made this oscillating circle (circumference 27 cm) I then chanted a mantra in front of the circle in suspension, with the glass tube at the centre of that circle. When I finished the mantra I noticed a light thread going out of the external circle, then going in towards the centre of the tube, then out again, perhaps a few hundred times per second. This created a sort of break at the level air inside the tube. Some 40 % of the air in the tube then transformed into krypton. Krypton is a heavy gas that you can also find inside light bulbs as neon, argon or Freon, and it is a gas that holds sounds in memory.

EoR's mind is oscillating in wonder by now.

Physicists may perform experiments on this by magnetic resonance but my duty is not to prove what I am doing but to transmit. I have no scientific base at all, no proof of what I am telling you, and I don't need to be right, so nobody need bother to say that I am wrong!

"I can sell this without proving it! Ha! You're not allowed to prove me wrong!"

A further claim that Joel Ducatillon makes sounds frankly bizarre (yes, even in comparison to all that has gone before):

Since 1992, I have the ability to transmute people's memories through my own body; I wouldn't advise you to reach this initiatory stage, because it is very destructive for the organs and especially the heart. When I am in front of somebody whose soul asks to transmute memories, I take these memories inside my body, and the result is that half an hour later I have to change since all my clothes smell like celery. (p.4)

EoR thinks this smells like something else. Despite all his claims that his (non)therapy will accelerate your personal evolution, he also doesn't appear to believe in that concept in any other form, as he reveals when discussing the historical Adam and Eve:

The consciousness of the Tree of Life is there as we unite good and evil as one energy alone; it is the top of the triangle. You understand the base of the cult of trinity that you can find everywhere and then the Snake came and said-basically speaking, what I am saying right now is a little bit childish, but still there is something behind it- the snake came, in other words some aliens came on Earth, coming from reptilian constellations, even if it sounds a little bit ”……..” even if you don't believe in it, it doesn't matter, I used to not believe in it 30 years ago but now I do, because I have proofs of it. (p.13)

You have to know that at that time people use to be vegan and the climate on earth was “universal” there used to be neither Eskimos, nor too hot equator. So people used to need almost no clothes and to eat only fruits that were huge and very rich. It must be quite pleasant to eat like that! And all of a sudden, there was the fall into the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, so everything started to deteriorate. (p.15)

He also believes in the fantasy that thoughts will 'manifest' themselves, promoted oh so successfully by the purveyors of The Secret. Now, this paragraph is difficult to comprehend, and it doesn't seem to make much sense (even in the illogical world of Joel Ducatillon), but it appears to be saying that women are raped because they want to be — if EoR has this wrong, please point it out):

We are going to take the example of a woman, because it happens more often with women than men. If a woman contains memories of a rapist man inside her, since she was a man who raped along time; some day, as this memory is starting to arise, at the time when it has to pass the door, in other words when the soul wants to get rid of this memory, which is going to radiate within the energetic bodies of this lady, well this lady is going to find herself in a situation where a rapist will be “fed”, even if this guy never raped anyone, on that day, if he has this tendency it will be fed by this memory and that will push him to such action. (p.18)

It takes until page 23 of this meandering, mean-spirited diatribe to come to the central point of PMT: money. What if, someone asks, a person wanted to give this amazing treatment for free?

At a certain point it will get stuck, nobody will come anymore and on top of it you might attract people whose soul will give nothing; because it will be people who say: ”Ah, she does it for free, let's go for it and the soul is unwilling so you are going to waste such and such time for nothing, and the person is going to say: “ you know your thing is rubbish” and it is going to turn against you, and you won't have any body coming anymore. This is what you get when you work for free. Anyway, the people who shouldn't have PMT sessions can't find the money. If they don't have the money it is that they shouldn't receive it. However it is not an injustice because if they don't have any money it is because they have created this lack of money; so they get what they have to experience.

Isn't it obvious? You're poor because you want to be. You're raped because you want to be. You, and millions of other Jews, are exterminated because you want to be. So stop whining, and pay up.

If money exists it is because God has created it since we are God! You understand? We are little sparks of the divine! Money is as “divine” as the rest, it is the way we used it, which is not great! (p.24)

On page 12, M. Ducatillon rambles on about racism (which results from 'judgement' and 'separation' and represents 'wasted energies'), which rather grates with his final paragraph:

Some memories are like mastic, it doesn't even get in really well into the encoder! 2 or 3 sessions are needed for one memory, to manage getting it because it is sturdy stuff! Sometimes there are people who have “more constipated” genetics, for instance the German race; you almost need a motor cultivator to remove the memories! In Belgium it is prickling, there is no mass, you would think you are in a field of hedgehogs, or a field of nettles; the masses only start to come out after 3 or 4 sessions. It is also true that these are countries where there is a lot of aristocracy. If you deal with Italians, or Spanish, it is something else. For instance, in Italy , when I go to Milan , Turin , or Rome , I can see a huge amount of hate between men and women; this is the country where they hate each other the most in their memories! The Catholic Church fed this for 2000 years, well, almost!

Steaming turd

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