Monday, August 02, 2010

The Angels Want Your Money

What could be more trippy and sciencey than quantum physics and angels?

You are contacting us at a very important time, at the shift to a new paradigm. It is very likely, that you have already been affected by this paradigm shift through many personal life changes. This shift on earth is indicated by the integration of science e.g. quantum physics and spirituality.

Oh. EoR missed that one. When exactly was it integrated? And who got the Nobel Prize for it?

QA-Healing applies fundamental concepts of quantum physics to perform healing. It works hands-on, or at a distance. It uses diagnostic intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, and prayer. It goes beyond physical death, and integrates non-physical helpers in the process.

Yes, because quantum physics wouldn't work without those fundamental principles of telepathy. And prayer. And clairvoyance.

You might also believe that there is a higher power and many Angels and Archangels, who will help you any time. However, you might not exactly know how to put all the pieces of the cosmic puzzle together. You are probably still missing some connecting puzzle pieces.

EoR believes he's not the only one missing a few connecting pieces here. Of course:

Real Love is the strongest power in the universe.

Stronger even, presumably than the Strong Nuclear Force? Hey, they're the ones who brought up quantum physics!

Quantum-Angel-Healing goes beyond drugs (horrible, primitive medicine), even beyond mind-body woo (so passe) and ushers in the incredible 'Third Era of Medicine' whereby healing will be achieved by non-local entangled quantum angel observers who will spout rubbish from The Secret before unveiling a plethora of Schrödinger Boxes full of dead cats. You can do this easily by simply switching on your Angel Receiver (it's like a TV):

You can invite the angels to contact you and ask for a repeated sign that you comprehend, for example to leave you a feather, a coin, or show you a license plate on a car with 444, which is the angel’s number. The angels are very cooperative and they are committed to help and support you at any given time. Simply ASK them to help you with anything, also for so-called little things in life. Don’t be afraid to waste their time, God created millions of angels and many are “unemployed”.

EoR hates to think what the dole payments amount to for millions of unemployed angels. With all the sick and suffering around, he's sure there's work available for them if they really wanted it. That's the problem with Heaven today: too many bludging angels.

Anyway, EoR has 'invited' the angels to make woo disappear. He's currently waiting for a sign.

Like any really good woo site, there's also a page of orb photos except, unlike the majority of people who don't know how to clean a lens before taking a picture, these aren't the dear departed coming back to tell you you're going to have a minor operation sometime in the future.

Orbs are likely to be angels, archangels, guides, fairies and other spirits which are around us. The Angel-Orbs on our pictures are balls of energy, which are especially attracted by the vibration of love and joy.

That's a patent lie. Everyone knows what real fairies look like:

This mumbo jumbo is obviously helpful for clearing blockages of unwanted cash, since there are other people promoting it as well.

Quantum-Angel-Healing® is a method of energy healing, which is different from all other healing modalities. The essence is a hands-on energy treatment with Angels.

So, completely different from hands-on energy healing with reiki. Or therapeutic touch. And, despite the claims, Quantum-Angel-Healing doesn't do any healing:

Rev. Gisela Arenas & do not claim to diagnose or heal any illnesses

The Rev. EoR also suspects that there's no Angels, or Quantum in it either. Leaving a big empty hole of fatuous nothingness.

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