Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Meet A Ghost

Confirming the fact that at least half the population are below average intelligence, there appears to be a new urban legend emanating from New South Wales that claims a ghost can be conjured (but only by P Platers — those new drivers on Provisional plates) and only be exceeding the speed limit.

Supposedly, the 'ghost' is a deceased motorcyclist, who is chasing the young drivers in order to make them slow down. EoR isn't sure whether this proves the gullibility of young drivers, or the stupidity of ghosts.

The story has spread from Australia to the UK, the USA and Canada.

EoR's favourite report is from a real life hunter of evil working for God.

But the event that really made me realise that there is a real threat is when me and some friends went to go check out a ghost sight at lemon tree passage, NSW, Australia where a bikey had been hit and killed by young drivers and his ghost follows any young drivers that speed along this road at night which is a long straight road in the middle of bush and he dispeares at the turn of where he died. And as we got close to the area, a sickening feeling that everyone admitted to feel came over us. His ghost came and we did it a couple of times cause we were heaps fasinated, and everytime tears would stream out of my eyes though i didnt feel like i was crying and then on our way home, well away from his road. a faceless bikey on the wrong side of the road was riding right at us, his bike didnt make a sound and he disapeared when he hit the car and then a headlight appeared in the distance behind us and within 5 second he was 5metres behind us getting closer and closer. everyone in the car started screaming and crying and i started praying for us and the bikey and something weird happened. without me even meaning to, my hand lifted and made the sign of the cross and the ghost vanished.

Then, of course, there's the proof on YouTube as well: various shaky videos of a car headlight, and teenagers swearing profusely. Way better than those clearly fake photos Anthony Grzelka's got.

EoR expects that there will be a lot of competition for the Darwin Awards this year.

Of course, stupidity is not only an Australian characteristic, but is to be found all over the world, including the USA where one in five believe President Obama is a Muslim, even though there is not only no evidence for the proprosition, but a range of evidence against it.


  1. Supposedly, the 'ghost' is a deceased motorcyclist, who is chasing the young drivers in order to make them slow down.

    Coz that would work...

  2. Today Tonight just covered this. As you'd expect, it was a credulous piece of nonsense that reinforced the notion of ghosts whilst trying to warn of the danger of putting this one to the test.

    For an expert assessment, they took Deb Malone to the location. She thinks there's no ghost.

    I wonder why she's so closed-minded?

  3. There must be no money in it for her.


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