Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vastly Shifty

A news item from Wired: if you're not practicing the principle of vastu shastra you'll have a sad lonely website that no one will visit.

Thirty-year-old Smita Narang is rapidly becoming one of India's hottest Web designers. Her method: applying vastu shastra, the Indian counterpart of feng shui, to the online realm. The process entails mapping page attributes - HTML, colors, graphics - to elements like fire, water, and air. "Any disturbance of these established elements can cause an imbalance in the site that directly affects its business," Narang says.

The only problem EoR has with this is, as Wikipedia points out,

Though Vastu is conceptually similar to Feng Shui in that it also tries to harmonize the flow of energy (Also called Life-force, and Prana in Sanskrit, similar to Chi in Chinese) through the house, it differs in the details, such as the exact directions in which various objects, rooms, materials etc are to be placed.

So, should EoR's website he in accordance with feng shui, or with vastu shastra. Or maybe just commonsense?

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