Friday, June 16, 2006


EoR admits it. He's been slumming and found Mystic Board and its illuminating thread on homeopathy and cancer. Unlike the deceitful liars at Nova magazine who are trying to convince the world that Dr Royal Rife discovered the cure for cancer with a magic machine, all you need is to take some water drops to cure your cancer.

EoR also enjoyed the fact that each poster's age and starsign is given. sunshinez (age 19) advises, from the perspective of his/her worldly experience and knowledge:
There are several ways homeopathy can help cancer patients. First, there are specific remedies for various cancers. These remedies may be used whether a person has conventional treatment or not.

So no longer do you need to suffer debilitating radio- and chemo-therapy. Just keep taking the drops. Though EoR does have a sneaking suspicion that "remedies" in this context is used in the specific homeopathic sense of "something to give a person with a specific disease though it's not intended to affect that disease in any way but make them feel happy instead".

In response to a query, swetha (site admin, age 26) states
i am sure homeopathy can reduce the pain and cure to a great extent. have seen bad cases being solved. will ask the forum doc to help u out too.

sunshinez pipes in again:
I'd definitely vote for going for a homeopathy treatment. One even cant imagin to what extent is the pain reduced...

Which is probably true, since EoR can't imagine to what extent pain can be reduced by ingesting small amounts of water.

FloridaLightWorker (age 62) also responds, leaping in at the deep end:
Herpes and shingles are in the same family of viruses, and can be treated with homeopathic medicine. (The mind-pattern for shingles is being irritated at yourself for how you portray yourself in the world.) Use the color ice blue mentally, and use myrrh gum capsules, and Omega-3 fish oils that are found at the health food store daily. Also castor oil topically on the shingle areas will help.

EoR wants to know where the walking recovered-from-cancer sufferers are. Not those who "feel a bit better, thank you for asking nurse", not those in remission, but those who have been cured by little drops of H2O. Even one such case.


  1. Well, okay then: my friend, um, his Mom knows this other woman whose daughter has brain cancer and she kissed the Blarney stone and something fell out of her ear and she didn't have cancer anymore and the Drs. were amazed.
    But then she was taken by UFO's before they could prove it. So that should be good proof, huh?

    You rule, Eeyore.

  2. Quick - open a clinic in Tijuana. You could make a fortune selling this cure for cancer before Big Pharma tries to stamp it out of existence.


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