Monday, June 19, 2006

Rambling Confused Post

EoR has been doing worse than slumming, he's been visiting and learning the rambling confused facts behind TBs and CBs and xtals. Bear in mind that the rest of this post may make no sense at all, since EoR couldn't find any in the subject.

The whole sorry saga of Cloudbusters (CBs - no relation to the Mythbusters apart from the fact that they'd be a suitable subject for their show) details how organite (a mixture of iron filings, resin and a xtal - that's crystal for you noobs) can break a 12 year drought in Namibia and fight the good fight against "chemtrails".
It is believed chemtrails are composed at least in part by an oil based substance of unknown content that is actually being sprayed from jets on populated areas. It has also been found that some chemtrails contain unknown biological components. There are many reports of increased diseases, especially lung diseases, in areas where there are chemtrails. Chemtrails are often seen to be sprayed by white planes with no markings. Sometimes you will see these planes give off no contrail at all, and immediately after the same kind of plane in the same area will start to leave a thick chemtrail.

Oooh. "Believed to be". Never minds evidence or facts... More lung diseases in areas where planes frequently fly (ie cities). Scary stuff. The only stuff that can save us from this is Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy. But, alas
the orgone accumulator would soon become saturated with the deadly orgone energy which in turn caused more problems for the operator.

Until Don Croft arrived like the saviour.
Don Croft, a patriot, alternative scientist, researcher, inventor and freedom fighter has succeeded in striking the first blow against the ongoing chemtrails program that is assisting in the destruction of our country and the enslavement of its citizens! . By utilizing the research of Wilhelm Reich, assisted by his partner Carol and having help from God almighty, Don has created a cheap, portable and easy to build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere. The Reich/Croft " chembuster" is the answer to these ongoing attacks by the forces of darkness. Unlike the original cloudbuster, the chembuster actually changes the deadly orgone energy to good orgone energy and so does NOT become saturated or dangerous to the operator.

EoR's head is spinning at so much woo in so little space. What's an "alternative scientist"? Is that the same as a "non-scientist"? And has he mysterious links to the Sandanistas? Weren't they "freedom fighters"? But EoR shouldn't really make fun of him. He's got a hotline to God to help him with his magic machines. EoR is amazed how such a low tech (and low brow) device can change unmeasurable unseen nonexistent "bad" energy, and change it into unmeasurable unseen nonexistent "good" energy so effectively.

The rest of the page goes on and on, and tells you how you can make your own Cloudbuster, but EoR won't waste your time. Though the pictures are quite beautiful and worth looking at (if you like modern sculpture), and EoR at last knows the real and sinister purpose behind the Sibelius Memorial. It's one almighty Cloudbuster!

Mr Croft also details how you can make your own Holy Hand Grenade. Sadly, to EoR's disappointment, this is not the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

An example of chemtrails can be found here where joemichigan comments:
I like how they just HAPPEN to be concentrated over the Green Bay area.

EoR likes how joemichigan can create a conspiracy theory out of absolutely nothing, simply from the capitalised "However". Just like "I like how buses just HAPPEN to all arrive at the same time". Nothing to do with mathematics and queueing theory. It's a vast Government/Big Pharma/Illuminati conspiracy to ensure we don't get to the hospital in time.

Cloudbusters destroy black lines (EoR still isn't sure what they are or why they're black since they seem to be invisible - or, at least, only visible to the select few).
This line passed through the corner of the cellar where two nasty demonic type spirits were in residence. [...] When the CB was put on the line they changed from being like hissing alley cats into grim silence, and the last time Kelly looked they were crying , so I hope the line was the reason they were there, or the anchor for them. Also that, IMO, is another holy grail of house/geopathic dowsers, being able to remove nasty spirits (and I don't see how you can clear a house effectively without dealing with negative lines) One friend refused to go in the cellar, so not something to have in your house. [...] Kelly first discovered this on a black line in the park that a dowser had previously found, where I had dug a 3 ft deep hole and filled with high quartz pebbles, plus 4 TBs, to no effect. I also burnt my ass on it some years back when I was experimenting with psychedelics, similar to a chemical burn right through my trousers, where the trousers were unscathed apart from a flattening of the cord. I thought, first, that I had been given a metaphysical kick up the backside! Perhaps I had.

Hmmm... Visions of demons. Experimenting with psychedelics. Surely no connection there? An example of TBs (Towerbusters) can be found here where they are shown hard at work doing... Well, nothing, it seems. But they've clearly destroyed all those black lines and demons, since there aren't any to be seen anywhere.

Luckily, you can make your own Tower Busters with some handy craft material, such as paper cups, muffin trays, and crystals from WalMart.
Cbswork expounds on the benefits of overgifting, which is often required in key areas, like Los Angeles, where the satanic, occult/corporate world order had put an awful lot of stock in their Deadly Orgone Radiation generating infrastructure, not that it did them any good ;-)

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  1. See, Eor, that's why we love you, because you plod through this woo doo and summarize it for us. It still makes no sense, but at least with you it is grammatically coherent nonsense. FWIW.

    Be careful though, I find the chemtrails folks among the wooiest.

    BTW, it is "Sandinistas", because they named themselves after Augusto Sandino.


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