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Psychic continues to maintain accuracy level by failing to find missing person

Back in May and June EoR looked at the efforts by Chris Roubis to psychically locate missing person Hayley Dodd. In summary, Mr Roubis "saw":

  • She was buried under an oak tree near a creek within a 20 mile radius of where she was picked up

  • There are other young girls buried in the area

  • The culprit is 40+ (but looks young for his age) with dark brown or black hair and a moustache, big, 5.7 - 5.9", Aboriginal, has a scar on his face, is also White and with tattoos on his arms

  • He has also killed 3-6 other girls

  • He has killed 3 girls and 1 boy

  • He lives in the area in a duplex and probably has mental problems

  • The oak tree could be a "huge" tree

Astute readers will note that these guesses are either self-contradictory, or so vague as to be useless (since Hayley Dodd disappeared in 1999, it would be safe to assume that anyone who killed her would be around 40+ now, for example). Other psychics are called upon, muddying the waters even further, suggesting it was an Aboriginal in his forties at the time, or two people, and names are known (but not, of course, named). After the relevant thread was commented on by another sceptical blogger, various threats were made, the psychic believers turned on each other, and the thread was eventually closed to the public.

Mr Roubis has now started up another thread which, if the subject matter wasn't so serious, and the random guesses probably so painful for the family of Hayley Dodd, would be the stuff of farce.

Margaret Dodd has been played with over the years by fakes and opportunists, but that is no excuse to be playing with us....

Even when, no matter how deludedly you believe you are 'psychic', you are one of the fakes and opportunists?

A poster claiming to be Margaret Dodd (and quite possibly is) asked for some information known only to her and Hayley in order to gauge the self-titled psychic's truth. Sceptics will realise this is the one thing psychics can't provide, unless the person first gives it to them so that it can be stated back as a 'fact' revealed by 'spirits'.

And as for your negative comments towards me i feel you are being unjust. Rember when you first started the forum on Hayley and the information was so far from the truth? You said sorry deleated the post and said that you had been misslead by fake psychic's and you should have trusted in yourself. Are you supprised that i am a sceptic when you are also misslead by other psychic. I am sorry that people on your forum are bickering and because of this i agree the best thing you can do is close it down because it is not helping to find Hayley.

Far from newage hoslistc caring-and-sharing people, psychics are the most self-centred individuals around it would seem. Mr Roubis calls in a psychic from the US who, like all the other psychics, clearly fails to make any progress, and then storms off in a huff:

Now this lady from USA is so annoyed by peoples lack of respect.. that she will never ever help anyone regarding this missing case...

Yes, she can solve this case. But she won't now! She's taking her crystal ball, and she's going home! You see: farce and tragedy combined, in the person of a psychic throwing a tantrum that would make a two year old proud.

As if the failures, invective and bitterness weren't enough to prove how useless and timewasting 'psychics' are, Mr Roubis unfortunately posts a chat transcript with a "lovely US Psychic that i brought in to help with the case.."* There is an amusing (and lengthy) passage where Mr Roubis and Lovely Psychic attempt to use Google Earth. Mr Roubis keeps sending her links to the relevant page, but she can't seem to get Google Earth to work for her... Why a psychic needs to use Google Earth in the first place is beyond EoR, especially since she's in 'contact' with Hayley Dodd, but then why she can't get it to work stuns him (aren't there any geek spirits around to provide guidance for her on how to use a web browser?). Later she has to take a break to go to the shop for "fags & choc". This really is one classy and professional psychic.

Lovely Psychic is clearly a proponent of cold reading (ask questions, and hope the suckers give you confirmatory information that you can parrot back at them) since she keeps complaining that "see i need her mother for this" and at one point asking for "pics whatever she can provide or the cops" to help her. At one stage (while she's 'communicating' on the ethereal planes with Hayley) she asks Mr Roubis if Hayley has a sister. Doesn't Hayley know this herself? The scamming is so blatant how can anyone fall for it? She also has "some kind of stepfather or uncle" and, when this isn't confirmed, "a male role model." So, the guesses become vaguer and vaguer, in the desperate attempt to try and match something, even if it might apply to virtually the whole human race. Hayley shows "a small dog". There's nothing to say she owns it, or her family owns it, or she had a dog once, or someone she knew had a dog once, or maybe she saw a dog once. Who knows? Who cares? What's the relevance? As far as EoR can determine, the only true statement she ever makes is:

this is just wastin time

Out of the mouths of babes and charlatans...

She claims that Hayley Dodd is buried in bush 10 feet from a gravel road. And there are buildings and signs. There are lots of gravel roads in the country. And buildings. And signs. And her 'guesses' confict completely with the other guesses made earlier by the other brilliant psychics (and this time, we're back to only one culprit, and he has "some kind of pitchfork in his hand" — could it be the Devil?).

None of the psychics seem to have foreseen that a prisoner would claim to be the murderer (though at this stage it is only hearsay, and there is no proof that he wasn't just confabulating to other prisoners).

EoR waits with baited breath to see how long the current revelatory thread lasts.

How pyschics work

*True to form, Mr Roubis has edited the thread, removing the transcript of the chat session between himself and the "lovely" psychic. In the interests of proving that you can never delete anything once it has been placed on the internet, and in the belief that psychics should be exposed for their rambling inaccuracies, EoR preserves here the full transcript (and, yes, the original was in blue):

marymagdolane1: i can locate this girl can see the rd an area of bushes she is passed love
marymagdolane1: strangulation
GraFix: ok
GraFix: ty
marymagdolane1: I am not going to tell the mother that immediately
marymagdolane1: i see a sign further back also this is a gravel rd
GraFix: the mother cannot view the private forum
GraFix: so u can put it in there
marymagdolane1: im worried about others confusing love at this point im not reading theres right now till i focus
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: this girls been gone a while love hu
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: they've searched this area with dogs but missed it
marymagdolane1: damn wish it was over here nto gonna be able to walk there bit too far for me to go love
GraFix: that would be cool
marymagdolane1: i can see the rd i can see the bushes she's like 10feet in
GraFix: wow
marymagdolane1: this is what i do i walk it in my mind remote view
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: connect to the person & it just falls one after the other like a puzzle
GraFix: there are maps in the forum if u want to see
marymagdolane1: man , friend, pic ,road, Bush, sign<
marymagdolane1: now a map i can look at just not worded info
marymagdolane1: & her pic
marymagdolane1: i keep seeing this young man with some kind of pitch fork looking thing
marymagdolane1: chatting to her
marymagdolane1: friendly at this point
marymagdolane1: like "hey how r yu"
GraFix: map is in the forums and u can also use google earth
marymagdolane1: she's a bit shy
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: see diff scenarios leading up coming in now
marymagdolane1: whats the place called just the name of the nearest town
marymagdolane1: no specifics though just place
GraFix: hang on
marymagdolane1: i will look at it on google
GraFix: Badjingara township, Brand highway & North West Road.
marymagdolane1: whooaa north west rd
marymagdolane1: hold up
GraFix: in Western Australia
marymagdolane1: ffs
marymagdolane1: wont bring it up as typed
GraFix: do u have google earth?
marymagdolane1: whooa
marymagdolane1: dense area
GraFix: ... a=N&tab=wl
marymagdolane1: yeah lookin at brand highway but want that rd
GraFix: focus in more it will show the names
marymagdolane1: kk
marymagdolane1: here we go
marymagdolane1: im on satillite
GraFix: great
GraFix: clik on earth
GraFix: u will see everything
marymagdolane1: k downloading
marymagdolane1: yep thats what i want specific area
marymagdolane1: like im walkin there
GraFix: ye
marymagdolane1: i feel her in spirit hon in the distance here she's startin to connect
GraFix: great
marymagdolane1: her mothers had a llot a bs thrown at her from cops also they dont know wtf there doin
marymagdolane1: so much confusion
marymagdolane1: from get go
marymagdolane1: & they did not move fast enough
GraFix: yep
marymagdolane1: this man is still out there he knows it is one man
marymagdolane1: but others know some details
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: he has told at least two people
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: seh did not suffer allot dear
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: it was frustration on his part
marymagdolane1: like a snap
GraFix: ok
GraFix: did he work on the farm with the others?
GraFix: was it the one hayley was visiting?
marymagdolane1: mm sorta kinda he was different though
GraFix: going to
marymagdolane1: fromt he others
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: they may have questioned this man i feel hes very quiet unnassuming
marymagdolane1: young though
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: teens to 20s
marymagdolane1: early
GraFix: so the guy she liked was the one that did this?
marymagdolane1: they had chatted would'nt like to say it was "the" one
marymagdolane1: as of yet
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: depends if this guy fits the description of the dark hair 5'8 i can see him in my mind
GraFix: so he met her on the road?
marymagdolane1: yes
marymagdolane1: she was walking
GraFix: he gave her a lift?
marymagdolane1: no he had no vehicle
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: he has some kind of pitchfork in his hand like hes working
GraFix: so he just dragged her to the bushes?
marymagdolane1: stop love lol
marymagdolane1: i have to let it comet hrough as is
GraFix: sorry
marymagdolane1: dont put shit in my head hahahah
marymagdolane1: bless ya
GraFix: hehe
marymagdolane1: he was walking chatting as far as i can see it was a snap thing
GraFix: oh
marymagdolane1: fffs this is takin forever to unload
marymagdolane1: im gonna run out & get some fags
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: this has got me gripped now babe
GraFix: can i post this text in the forums if u like?
marymagdolane1: hold up first i dont want anyone puttin there ore in yet lol i really want to speak to this mother so i hope she emails me i dont think she'd want this out there till i speak to her it would be bad for her
GraFix: its a private forum
marymagdolane1: plus the cops are stillinvestigating they have not closed the case yet right
GraFix: she cannot see it
marymagdolane1: no its a few of the folks in there love one specifically not yu baby i trust yu totally
marymagdolane1: someone could get to her
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: on face book iven if the innocentely mentioned it elsewhere
marymagdolane1: yu get my meaning love
marymagdolane1: its not about me not about them its about the family & the girl
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: & she can then choose to share the info witht he cops or not
marymagdolane1: this is how i work i tell them this innitially yu can choose to use what i give yu or not
marymagdolane1: out of respect for them i never go around them to the cops
marymagdolane1: or to others
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: kk babe be right back this things takin forever to download anyway
marymagdolane1: oh & definately yu save the text if yu can
GraFix: ok i will
GraFix: ty
marymagdolane1: cause sometimes i will forget things i have received
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: well just been to store got fags & choc i eat allot when i do this cause of the energy drain love, still this has not downloaded
marymagdolane1: i asked haley to try & come through clearer, she is disturbed ont he other side love, I've asked her to come through for her mum & tell me does she have a sister
marymagdolane1: sorry askin yu that does she have a sister?
GraFix: yes
marymagdolane1: kk
marymagdolane1: she gives this to me
marymagdolane1: while i was int he car she was distressed somewhat its her passing they can stay like this sometimes for many of our yrs
GraFix: ok
GraFix: poor thing
marymagdolane1: but she definately needs help there & her family need help here desperately
marymagdolane1: & I will try my damdest to clear this
GraFix: ty
marymagdolane1: this has gone on way to long
GraFix: yes
marymagdolane1: tell me also i sense some kind of stepfather earthbound or uncle close to her
GraFix: probably
marymagdolane1: a male role model
marymagdolane1: see i need her mother for this
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: the more i connect with others earthbound around her the clearer she will respond
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: she is untrusting
marymagdolane1: she's a wee girl
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: small in stature
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: shy but friendly
marymagdolane1: she's also showing me a small dog
marymagdolane1: earthbound
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: here again i need her mother
marymagdolane1: have yu ever spoken with the mother
marymagdolane1: this momans had enuff of bs
marymagdolane1: w
GraFix: i just messaged her to email u on her facebook
marymagdolane1: so many want something from her
marymagdolane1: want to get in on the act so to speak or have done
marymagdolane1: that pisses me off
GraFix: ye
marymagdolane1: thats why i will give her others to email so she can trust me first
marymagdolane1: i have two in australia she can talk to
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: is this supposed to take this long to download
marymagdolane1: on the phone with one of my clients brb
GraFix: no not that long, go back to satellite
marymagdolane1: kk
marymagdolane1: k off phone i have saved google earth instead of opened now i dont know where it is hahaha
marymagdolane1: aahh s my firewall
GraFix: ... adgingarra township, Brand highway & North West Road.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
marymagdolane1: ok earth is downloading properly now
marymagdolane1: bless ya lol
GraFix: lol no bless you my darling girl
marymagdolane1: see i have to work two seperate areas i have the remote viewing psychic end & the spirit end with her personal info & then conjoin them
marymagdolane1: the circle narrows as i go
GraFix: awesome ty
marymagdolane1: it is no accident yu told me about this ya know love
GraFix: oh i bet it wasnt
marymagdolane1: & yu are an intricut part of this procedure
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: person connects with another 7 another etc
marymagdolane1: &
GraFix: agreed
marymagdolane1: i promise yu i will not give up on this for this family
GraFix: ty
marymagdolane1: noone should have to deal with this for so long
GraFix: true
marymagdolane1: k now i dont know how much yu know about the police but was there a mother of a young man questioned yu may not know this
marymagdolane1: im on earth now about to start roaming
GraFix: probably was mary
marymagdolane1: yep get the mother of this young man
marymagdolane1: but haleys mother probably can answer these
marymagdolane1: there are two national parks in this vacinity but not feeling there
marymagdolane1: caravan park
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: i cant get the rds its this rd i want
GraFix: focus in more, u may see it on the map
marymagdolane1: do yu have this rd pinpointed on yur map on yur site
GraFix: yes
GraFix: have a look at the pics in therte
GraFix: or let me show u
marymagdolane1: yeah i gotta get to that rd
marymagdolane1: this is just wastin time
marymagdolane1: the terrain is so large
marymagdolane1: allot a small towns
marymagdolane1: theres a building to the right of where she's walking but in the distance
marymagdolane1: im surrised none of these psychics have pulled to this place
marymagdolane1: this rd
marymagdolane1: p
GraFix: ok hang on
marymagdolane1: kk babe sorry love
marymagdolane1: damn if i could just go there sucks donnit
GraFix: ... =en&tab=wl
GraFix: true
GraFix: Badgingarra
GraFix: follow north west road
GraFix: in western australia
marymagdolane1: this is just not close enuff
marymagdolane1: i can see this singular small rd
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: like a side rd
marymagdolane1: do ya get my meaning
marymagdolane1: off the beaten track
marymagdolane1: thats teh problem
marymagdolane1: i have to span out
marymagdolane1: if i were in the area i could see with my own eyes & recognise it
marymagdolane1: i have to focus more on the situation that incurred the family the girl
marymagdolane1: i do know that right close to this spot there is a large building that does'nt look like it belongs in the terraine
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: this young man no longer is in this area
marymagdolane1: but so much shit surrounding it he says she says confusion
marymagdolane1: in the end the cops lost there focus
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: see i had one once where the child was near a lake problem was there were two lakesi felt swamp land & the body on top of the water wetness she was inbetween the two lakes in bogged area i got confused between under water & above water
GraFix: oh ok
marymagdolane1: its the same with anything singular we get a spot sometimes we can see the exact spot its pinpointing the surrounding area for people to look, when im at a place i get a body pull like magnetics
GraFix: wow awesome
marymagdolane1: i see buildings signs etc
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: when from a distance
marymagdolane1: i also have had a few where im the person being murdered or the murderer in there thoughts, or standing outside of them looking in
marymagdolane1: its like snap shots click click click
GraFix: cool
marymagdolane1: how do yu do this
marymagdolane1: i find psychics do this in different ways
marymagdolane1: & some are just psychics & not mediums
GraFix: i just get images
marymagdolane1: can yu focus on the individuals moving
GraFix: not yet
marymagdolane1: yu need to yu can do this graf
marymagdolane1: yu have studied metaphysics the physics of this
GraFix: im not going to push, i always blok myself
marymagdolane1: yeah thats common early on love just relax let it flow in collect yur thoughts on paper if yu have to & put them together
GraFix: ty i'll try
marymagdolane1: see this is why i like to have a family member cause the more connection i have to them the clearer it becomes
GraFix: understandable
marymagdolane1: i had an australian lady come through on my facebook i did not add her she did not add me we were like who r yu? turns out her son had died a yr earlier he came through right here in my room, she had never heard of mediums so i had to explain why this had happened & her son then prodeded to give me info, she sent me a huge package of ausy stuff a few weeks ago to thank me bless her we are close friends now
marymagdolane1: see how spirit connects us
GraFix: awww
marymagdolane1: i also sent her to anothe rmedium friend of mine in the uk for her healing partwe must all share it is important to bring all of us in
marymagdolane1: accept for the wannabees that harm lol
GraFix: true
marymagdolane1: i am going to focus on this later love she is with me haley just in the distance I will be able to bring her in eventually, but cant emphasis enuff the mother input this is her keyhopefully she will email me.
GraFix: ok ty
marymagdolane1: oh ic
marymagdolane1: yu should send her what yu saved yesterday
marymagdolane1: but i will also email her
GraFix: ok
GraFix: so she maybe 10 feet from the road?
marymagdolane1: so she can check with others before she speaks with me i want her to feel comfortable otherwise she will block me
marymagdolane1: theres no maybe its which section of rd
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: thats where im having the issue i need to see the actual place surrounding area
marymagdolane1: pics whatever she can provide or the cops
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: i can see it in my mind clearly & this building to the right of where she was walking
marymagdolane1: i can see the man
GraFix: wow
marymagdolane1: i just have to have verification of some things
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: now her body is clearly gonna be mostely gone
marymagdolane1: but there are fragments
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: yu have animals there also digging
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: sorry to be blunt but these are the facts
GraFix: yep
marymagdolane1: it is actually better for me to discuss these things with the cops directely the mother is too emmotional of course
GraFix: true
marymagdolane1: but i will not do that with out her go ahead
GraFix: ok
marymagdolane1: the family is the most important part of this as i said yesterday

marymagdolane1: & as for the haley case the mother is very quiet love im not sure if she wants to deal witht his
GraFix: oh ok ty for trying
marymagdolane1: her trust is destroyed seemingly
marymagdolane1: I sent her an email back & said I will give her or yu any info I get & she can do with it what she will
GraFix: ok ty
GraFix: ty for trying
marymagdolane1: It almost feels like & I may be wrong, that she does'nt want to know yu get my meaning
marymagdolane1: like it would be too hard for her the reality
GraFix: i understand

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