Thursday, November 04, 2010

If this calendar doesn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it

Via the Skeptvet, EoR learns of a new nudie calendar, celebrating the world of holistic veterinary therapies (probably NSFW, since there's a photo of a nude female vet fondling a cock while she ponders the Joy of Aromatherapy). Sadly, unlike other efforts in this genre, it doesn't appear to be for charitable purposes but simply to generate income. Nonetheless, EoR can't see why the idea can't be extended. There's a whole altie network in Western Australia. Surely they could work together not just to recommend one another, but to produce a charity calendar demonstrating their particular skills.

Such as non-medical doctors producing meals that will allow you to live as long as you want to.

Vitamin D cures MS!

Or psychics communicating with the dear departed (who have, let's face it, already seen the psychic in the shower countless times).

The spirits see all!

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  1. How about a homeopath taking a dip in a particularly powerful dilution?


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