Sunday, January 07, 2007

Psychic Of The Year Achieves 100% Prediction Result!

For further humour, journey back to a previous Australian Psychic of the Year predicting what will happen in 2005:

Simon Turnball, Psychic of the Year, hereby predicts 2005 will see:

Terrorism will start to abate
Wrong. The number of terrorist attacks worldwide increased nearly fourfold in 2005.

The people who are responsible start to be caught
Wrong. Al-Qaida was adaptive and resilient, however, and important members of its core cadre remained alive and were adjusting to our operational tempo.

Relations for George Bush Jr and George Bush Sr will be difficult
Wrong. Father and son did not fall out in 2005.

Malcolm Turnball will be the next Liberal leader
Wrong. The Liberal leader remained John Howard throughout 2005.

Hilary Clinton moves one step closer to the Democrat hierarchy
Wrong. 2005 was an uneventful year though EoR is willing to admit that Ms Clinton may, at some stage in 2005, have physically stepped in a direction that was closer to the Democrat hierarchy.

Nicole Kidman will marry Steve Bing
Wrong. Nicole Kidman has split with film producer boyfriend Steve Bing, claims The Sun. She reportedly told pals she dumped the millionaire because he doesn't want to get married. The 37-year-old Aussie actress called it a day after only four months together in January [2005].

The drought will end with flooding rains
Wrong. Despite a June drenching, rainfall deficits extending back over three years and longer [...] still remain across large parts of eastern Australia (other reports for 2005).

There will be a death in the English royal family
Wrong. No deaths were reported. Unless it was a corgi.

The stock market will continue to rise, though there will be a sharp dive around August
Wrong. The stock market increased steadily throughout 2005.

The name of the Melbourne Cup winner will be "Shh" (or the trainer, or the jockey)
Wrong. Makybe Diva, ridden by G Boss, trained by Lee Freedman..

There will be a major Australian discovery around February and March "related to health such as cancer"
Wrong. While there were announcements of "breakthroughs" regularly throughout 2005 - just as every other year (see here, here, here, and here) none of these are "major breakthroughs" but are rather a result of the media's predilection to over-promote the results of research.

So, rather than some hits and misses correlating closely with chance, the Psychic of the Year achieved a 100% (failure) rate for his 2005 predictions.

EoR is bemused and severely disillusioned. If that's the quality of the Psychic of the Year, how appallingly bad must all the others be?

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