Monday, January 29, 2007

How To Adhere To Alternative Belief Systems

Feng Shui posits that where objects are positioned can harmonise or interfere with universal energy flows. It's newage and holistic. It's about respecting the Earth and the spiritual value of our environment. Except when it interferes with the view from your house.

A Taiwanese man has been sentenced to four months in jail for cutting down more than 40 trees at an apartment complex, claiming they would undermine the feng shui of his nearby house, a newspaper said yesterday. [...] The Taipei District Court convicted "feng shui expert" Lo Pu-yi of cutting down the trees in an apartment complex next to his home on a hill in suburban Taipei, the Apple Daily reported. It said Lo's neighbors had accused him of cutting down the banyan and willow trees, as well as bamboo, saying the foliage blocked the flow of air and could undermine his livelihood. A separate court will handle his neighbors' claim for NT$400,000 (US$12,000) in damages, the paper said. Lo could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, we all know miracles at Lourdes are real. And if your prayers to heal your terminal illness don't succeed, well, God can resurrect you instead.

The body of a terminally ill British woman lay concealed by her mother for nearly five months at their home near the Catholic sanctuary of Lourdes, it emerged today. French police discovered the body of Marian Therese Kearney, 46, last Thursday after being alerted by her 11-year-old daughter's teacher, who suspected from the child's demeanour in the classroom that something was wrong within the family. Sources close to the French investigation told the AFP new agency that Ms Kearney had been suffering from cancer and had moved to Lourdes, where her mother Irene Kearney lived, in the hope of finding a cure from the spring waters. Investigators say both women were religious mystics who shunned conventional medicine and sought help instead from the healing powers of the Catholic shrine.

Four and a half months, waiting for the magic fairy dust to work. How sad.

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  1. Hey EoR!

    We tried Feng Shui in our office, but the examining tables gave off the best energy in the middle of the waiting area and people were reluctant to get into a gown in that setting. The fish, however, seemed far more healthy and content with this arrangement.

    I think the Army would do a lot better if they got over the whole line thing and were more into the spiritual energy thing. They may get killed, but they would be more peaceful getting that way.



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