Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beyond Healing

EoR has been browsing the NM Essences Spiritual Self Help - On-Line Healing pages. According to this page, there are "spiritual" treatments for conditions such as aura cleansing, boredom, cancer, childhood abuse, depression, DNA transformation, gender wars, ghosts healing, and sexual abuse.

Those are some pretty serious issues. Cancer and mental conditions such as depression are not things nonprofessionals should be treating. Or pretending to treat. Luckily, of course, as the disclaimer at the bottom of the page points out, these "treatments" or "cures" or whatever they are, do not in fact do anything to alleviate the listed conditions.

Nothing in this website, including this "Self-Help On-Line Healing" Section, is intended to be taken as "medical advice" or medical treatment. We do not, in any way, claim to offer any products, treatment, service, or advice, that purports to cure, heal, alleviate, or prevent, any illness or medical condition. Anyone with any medical condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional.

So it would seem that these "spiritual essences" are good as long as you're not suffering any sort of medical condition, and you don't expect them to provide any sort of alleviation or do anything. Which leaves EoR pondering the question: "What is their purpose?"

Perhaps you need to be an Indigo Child to understand the logic:

Anchoring in the stellar patterns of our past. Sixth-dimensional, from when we were connected with Sirius and the Sacred Geometry. For people who are ready for the higher wisdom. An awakening. [...] The stone that this sea-essence is made with looks like an aerial photo of an ET landing zone.

Irregardless of disclaimers, these essences are being promoted for such things as healing marijuana dependency (though how it does that without alleviating the condition is a mystery). For those of EoR's readers who want to give up the evil narcotic weed, go along to the page and follow the simple steps:

While looking at photo of flower..... Breath slowly and deeply, and imagine the old stale energy leaving your body on each out-breath, and new, healing energy coming in with every in-breath. Connect with the energy of the flower.... sense its vibrancy, its life-force. Allow this vibrant and healing energy to enter your body, and to penetrate every cell and every atom of your body. Repeat the affirmation several times, while still also focussed on the flower. (The affirmation is in green.) Just allow the healing process to occur.... and stay with this flower for as long as it feels appropriate. When finished, ask for the healing energies to continue to be "sent" to you on an ongoing basis for as long as needed.

The (non) cancer cure sounds even more worrying:

Assists people on to the next level of their emotional journey with cancer (whether that be freedom of spirit or freedom of body).

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