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Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Stop to Think 2

Book coverEoR continues his review of The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto.

Chapter One reveals Of What Is the Universe Made?
The various events that unfold throughout a person's life are events reflected in water. The individual and society make up one enormous ocean, by adding our individual drops to this ocean, we participate in the formation of society.

It should be clear by now that there isn't even a pretence to scientific method or validity in this book. It's straight out religiosity and cult promotion.
This idea - that words and thoughts have the power to change water and other substances - may certainly seem like far-out religion or philosophy.

It doesn't just seem, it is. EoR also notices, in passing, how Emoto-san's ideas have suddenly been applied to "other substances" ex nihilo.
The most interesting part of the book are the large selection of photographs (presumably to bulk it up since Emoto-san doesn't really seem to have a lot of ideas to repeat), including the effects of "You make me sick" (the crystal formed a picture of a man with a gun), "Satan" (a dark lump "as if ready to attack"), "Let's do it!" (a "lovely" shape) and "Do it!" (similar to "Satan"). There are examples of how words affect water. How pictures affect water. How music affects water. How televisions, computers and microwaves affect water (would you be surprised to learn that these were all bad - except for the bottle of water that watched a "wholesome" television program?). How pictures of crop circles and dolphins affect water (would you be surprised to learn that these consistently formed nice crystals, after all dolphins "are said to have healing powers")?

Emoto-san, unafraid to include as much pseudoscience as he can pack in, then wanders off on a quantum mechanics tangent.
Human beings are also vibrating, and each individual vibrates at a unique frequency. Each one of us has the sensory skills necessary to feel the vibrations of others.

So, to summarise, that's billions of separate frequencies. No wonder EoR has trouble getting a clear picture on his television - it's all the vibrational interference. EoR is not joking here, Emoto-san makes it clear he's talking about regular electromagnetic spectrum frequencies such as radio waves:
Actually, it's a good thing that our ears have such [hearing] limits - otherwise we probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

EoR finds it hard to sleep at night knowing there are people who believe all this.

Skipping a lengthy passage about vibrations, resonances, harmonics, and the Bible, Emoto-san finally explains the mystery of love for all to contemplate and wonder at:
Love is one type of resonance. If, for example, you have a frequency-level capability of 10, you will resonate with others on that same level, or perhaps with someone on a level a little higher, say 12. When people resonate and fall in love, they rise to their highest level of capability. If a person with a capability of 10 who has only been using 5 parts of that capacity falls in love with someone with a level of 12, then he or she will naturally make use of the level-10 capability and show an increase in frequency.

EoR isn't even going to bother to ask how Emoto-san has measured these 'capabilities' since the whole passage is mindless drivelling gibberish.

More divine revelations continue to pop out of absolutely nowhere:
Most of the objects found in nature emit stable frequencies. Each sparrow sounds basically the same (though the sparrows themselves might recognise slight differences), and the sounds made by dogs or cats do not have a great deal of variation. [...] Humans are the only creatures that have the capacity to resonate with all other creatures and objects found in nature.

Each alternatista woo-meister also sounds basically the same, parrotting the same empty phrases about vibrations, quantum mechanics and love (though the woo-meisters themselves might recognise slight differences).

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Stop to Think 1

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