Friday, February 24, 2006

The Energy's Working. I Think. Maybe. Maybe Not.

EoR has been following with interest the adventures related at energyblog, telling of the daily trials and tribulations of an equine reikiist.

From early attempts such as
This is my first experiment with healing energy on Tristan. I tried working on Tristan’s front and back legs. Front right hoof and corona: something feels a little off balance or out of kilter there. It’s hard to say exactly what. He just doesn’t feel like he stands on it confidently. He seemed to respond when I work it, shifting or twitching, but not pulling away.

EoR is concerned about this "seeming" (a word that recurs again and again throughout the entries) and the work on a horse's "corona". EoR almost suspects this is something to do with glowing magic energy, except it always occurs in relation to the feet. Horses have a coronet (the junction between the hoof and the leg), but not a "corona". It seems Miles and Becky don't just have delusions about magic aura energy, but also about their equine knowledge.

Of course, in this sort of delusional world, absolutely anything is evidence of reiki working:
Left flank: A lot of tension in the flank and around the stifle. It doesn’t seem out of kilter, but I got a lot of releases in the muscles and he loosened up a lot (and farted) when I worked it.

EoR feels slightly uneasy that breaking wind is proof of magic universal god energy working. Becky expresses her amazement at Miles' perceptive diagnosis:
The next day it was confirmed by the vet that the hoof had been trimmed wrong and that Tristan was rolling and landing more weight on the outside of this hoof.

Strangely, there's no fulsome praise of his diagnosis of the hoof that, in the next entry, forms an abscess, since Miles found
I didn’t feel anything in particular about it.

The madness gets worse.
He seemed to really respond to me connecting with the brow chakra, he kept trying to rub me with his head and stepping forward towards me as I did this. Don’t know if it was the energy work or if he wanted treats!

Let's see. Which would be more likely? That some unknown, undetectable, anti-physical force was flowing from human to horse, or the horse was hungry? Would anyone like some time to think about this?
He seemed to respond strongly to it, lowering his head, sighing and chewing, and turning his ears back to me. His head seemed very active, going up and down and moving his lips

These are the classic signs of alternative therapies working on horses. No matter if it's bowen, chiropractic or (as here) reiki, these signs are clear "proof" that the charlatan's particular form of magic is really working. And the reason that these signs are all given as proof is that any horse standing around for any period of time will start to show some or all of these behaviours. These liars could just as well state that "My magic is working because the horse is breathing. Look! Look! He's breathing! I'm amazing!" Of course, when the woo vibrations fail to elicit any response it is most definitely not an indication that action and reaction are totally arbitrary and unrelated:
I petted him and tried contacting with his heart and brachial chakras, but without much response.

Becky explains
It was a much more distractible day with having an audience member, and the scent of rain and a storm (which happened later that day) was clearly in the air. And of course horses react to this.

Of course. Not a random response. It was the horse's fault. Must keep the gullible public satisfied and deluded.

Miles is also a human conductor:
Then I pressed one hand into the soil and tried to draw up earth energy into the joint while I drew off the pain. Tristan really went for this! As soon as my hand pressed on the earth, I felt a big current of healing earth energy course up his leg and through me to the sore joints. I was able to draw off a lot of negative energy and I felt the healthy energy take its place.

EoR also notes, in passing, that this horse is said to be on some unspecified joint supplement (ordered over the internet, so it may or may not be something effective).

After he received his Reiki Level One attunement (what was he doing before - the whole mystical point of reiki is that you have to be "attuned" to be able to transmit the energy?) Miles found his powers increased remarkably:
This is much stronger than the energy I had been working with before (or really, the energy is the same but I now have access to a much more energy that I can channel easily in a strong flow, rather than the smaller amounts that I was generating myself). He jumped and looked back at me and seemed to say "What in the heck was that!? I never felt that before! Who are you and what are you doing?" I talked to him, reassured him about what I was doing, and channeled more energy for him gently. He skittered around a bit, and did a lot of looking at me and sniffing me, as if to reassure himself about who I was. Everytime I gave him more power he jumped a little.

Becky admiringly points out that this particular horse
has always been a more antsy horse about standing still. He fidgets a lot

Again, EoR pauses to ask a question. Which is more likely: a fidgetting horse flinching at hands being waved at him, or massive amounts of invisible supernatural energy jolting him around the paddock? Take your time...

Miles also has Deep and Meaningful conversations with the horses:
After I had done a bit, she expressed an interest in why it was different now. I told her about it, and how I was not being pushy with my energy anymore. She expressed approval of this, and after a moment she asked if I could show her how to do it herself (as I had done before). I showed her what I was doing, but said that I was not able to access the large pool of energy until after I have an attunement. I said that I could not give her an attunement, only a Reiki Master could. She said that she wanted to get an attunement herself sometime.

EoR looks forward to the day when horses are performing reiki on one another, and cutting out the middle man. Incidentally, that picture of Miles looks very worrying: is that his familiar sitting on his shoulder?

Miles also has the ability to transfer his consciousness into that of horses:
I have continued to have difficulty sensing clearly what is wrong in the horses, so I tried a new approach today. Instead of intentionally exploring and feeling out the various areas and probing to see how they feel, I tried letting go and sliding inside Pepper’s skin (with her permission of course). I consciously let go of my self and my ego, closed my eyes, and let myself flow out of my body through my fingertips into Pepper and tried to just relax and feel what it was like to BE Pepper. Pepper graciously let me in, and it was a much deeper sense of awareness and oneness that I had felt before. I could feel her thinking around me, and could feel somewhat of what her energy felt like from the inside. I could feel that she was somewhat hungry in the pit of her stomach, and was enjoying the process of eating her feed. Her hips were a little achy (but not much). The left hip area has some sore muscles behind the hip joint high on top of the flank.

A hungry horse. Now that's remarkable. Since horses are grazers, they're hungry all the time.

EoR looks forward to further entries, and seeing how long people can remain deluded and gullible about nonexistent things (though that comment that "I have continued to have difficulty sensing clearly what is wrong in the horses" might indicate that Miles is having trouble reconciling his amazing powers with their lack of evidence).


  1. Healer-patient relationships are essentially unequal. The healer is in a position of power and the patient in one of submission. The patient can easily become infatuated with this figure of authority, who, in turn, may be tempted to take advantage of this power.

    Miles and Pepper, you are showing signs of becoming emotionally involved. Miles - back off now! Stop!... before you do something you'll both regret further down the track.

  2. Miles - back off now! Stop!... before you do something you'll both regret further down the track.

    Horse. Track.

    That's a joke, son.

  3. Well, I say, these equine experts are about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.


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