Tuesday, January 02, 2007

(Yet Another) Cure For All Diseases

The latest issue of Nova includes a fascinating book review of A Healing Initiation: Recognise the Healer Within by Melissa Hocking.

Melissa works with quantum-based frequencies to heal diseases that are supposedly incurable. After a healing session with Melissa, a man paralysed by a stroke and unable to speak, said, "I don't feel any different". He then raised his 'paralysed' arm. An 86 year old woman with scoliosis grew two inches when her spine straightened out during a session. There are numerous extraordinary case studies.

Ms Hocking seems to be rivalling Benny Hinn in her miracle cures. Though, like most newage quantumisers and others, she denies she is a healer:

She prefers to be known as a facilitator of a modality called Quantum BioEnergetics, a hands-off process where she acts as a physical conduit for frequencies that allow a person to heal themselves.

This is, believe it or not, firmly scientific:

Quantum healing is relatively new; scientific research is now revealing the possibility that when the DNA helix vibrates under certain frequencies, healing can take place from within the cell itself.

Two more remarkable case studies are proffered in the review. Stuart who was "riddled" with cancer but after three sessions with Ms Hocking "hospital tests" showed he was "completely free" of the disease. Sadly, "Stuart's body was tired" and he died anyway. How ungrateful. EoR is reminded of the old doctors' joke: "The operation was a success, but the patient died." The review also mentions Ms Hocking's son, Jack, who has Cerebral Palsy but has "twice declined to be healed". No further details are offered, but EoR wonders if that's an excuse for the healing not taking: the magic doesn't fail, it's just the client "declining" to accept the magic woo waves.

The reviewer tries out an exercise described in the book:

Incredibly, after several tries, there it was - a malleable ball of energy in the palm of my hand!

Never mind Large Hadron Colliders, fusion scientists are wasting their time. Everyone knows you can manipulate quantum energies in your palm!

Ms Hocking has a website where much more astounding information is to be had, and where she also offers to train you to become a healer just like her.

Vibratory medicine is not a new concept to the planet. Back in the 1930’s Rife did extraordinary trials with frequency therapy, with great success. What is unprecedented are these readily accessible quantum based frequencies that are enabling human biology to self rejuvenate, through existent energy anatomy, at a level unbeknownst until recent times. [...] Many clients, adolescent, adult and child, have reported healings from Cancers, Mental illnesses, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Physical injuries, a variety of Disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, ASD (Autism), and many other Serious Afflictions.

Ms Hocking obviously is a very serious contender and a sure thing to easily win $US1,000,000 with those hands-off noninvasive skills that cure everything from cancer to "physical injuries" to autism!

As Ms Hocking reveals in her biography, she has a double degree in science and is an Anatomical Physiologist. She also enjoys lecturing "complimentary therapists" (though her own therapies cost money).

The amazing range of diseases that Ms Hocking can cure is repeated on many pages, though EoR was unable to find the usual altie disclaimer ("not designed to diagnose or treat any illnesses - if you're really sick see a real doctor") anywhere, so she's obviously very sure of her powers (though probably also in breach of TGA legislation in making such far-reaching assertions).

There are, however, and as per usual, pages of testimonials, including one from a nurse called Sally Logan:

Recently I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, and scheduled for surgery the next week. Test results had shown an aggressive form of cancer, the primary tumor quite low in the bowel, and the ultrasounds and MRI indicated it had started to spread. The urgency for surgery was not unfounded. [...] During the operation they could only find the one tumor, the primary one, which of course they removed. This was despite all the latest equipment, which had in fact shown the cancer to have spread only days before. However, they could find not a trace of cancer anywhere else. The doctors claimed they had achieved the "best possible result."However I still went home with a colostomy bag. I had another session with Melissa about two weeks later, which felt very intense. A few weeks later at my check up, the doctors were astounded to discover they could remove the colostomy bag and re-attached my bowel! Today my bowel is now functioning normally, and I continue to be cancer free, much to my incredulous doctors' amazement!

Which really only raises a few questions: why couldn't Ms Hocking remove the primary tumour, since she claims to be able to cure cancer? Why was it up to the knife wielding primitive surgeon to do the effective work? Why, then, does the credit go to Ms Hocking? Why were Ms Logan's doctors "astounded" by a fairly routine reattachment of the bowel and removal of the colostomy bag after a short time? Had they never seen bowel cancer before?

More on Royal Rife.


  1. Incredibly, after several tries, there it was - a malleable ball of energy in the palm of my hand!

    Blow something up with it, and then engage in midair martial arts with some alien or mutant for several episodes. Then I'll be convinced.

  2. I visited Melissa Hocking but no miracle cure for me. She was pretty ordinary a woman with BIG claims of CURING CANCER she even claimed she was going overseas to treat the Dalai Lama of Cancer. Would anyone go to her treatment rooms of she did not make such outrageous claims ? her own cancer came back too.


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